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Daylight savings... pffft! I woke up to the alarm (gym course, can't miss) and wondered why I felt so tired after eight hours of sleep, until I realized (a good 30 Minutes later) that I actually only slept seven hours. No fair!
Other than that the weekend was relaxed, or as some would call it: Boring. I can live with that. *g*
Also, made that wallpaper per request. :D

Have a picspam. *g*
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Had a few strange days, not feeling overly well. Slept little, didn't eat enough, but it's getting better. I'm fine.
I also decided I'd try something new: No more alcohol until the end of the year. I can do zat! It's not like I'm on a health trip all of a sudden, it's more like I'm testing my willpower. And I suppose feeling good the next morning and clearly remembering all the things you regret is a nice thing. Kind of.
Look, RPG stuff:

And some random shoots. *g* (some of these NOT safe for work)
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Belated and right on time [ profile] utkari02 and [ profile] linesfade! *hugs*

Not quite sure where the day went, but anyway, I booked tickets for our next Larp - exciting. *g* And will go out later this evening, need to doll up a little.
Sidenote: Accidently buying air freshener that smells just like what he uses is a really, really bad idea. It smells so good though.
Been a while since I posted roleplay stuff, me thinks, so here's some Gerard Butler as our evil God of War. ;D
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Picspam: Recent events and some Supernatural stills.
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Still keeping up with going to the gym (though it's only two weeks so far, I probably shouldn't be too proud yet *g*), had a bit of a fainting problem today, but that's because I was going about it a tad too fast.
As of today I'm doing this job for exactly one year. Probably not all that long for most of you, but I'm definitely ready for new horizons.
First though, the mentioned Oscars (and related events) spam. ;D
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Also, as usual... ;) Mitarbeitsnoten )
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Made it through most of Monday, and now it's almost March. Wow. I'm loving the mild temperatures and the sunshine, makes me wish I could get out of the cellar and spent the day on the grass outside. ;D
Anyway, going to meet up with a friend later on. Busy times. *g*
Also, wallpapers:
Eva, Karl. click )

Also, while I'm still collectiong Oscars pics, a random picspam. ;D

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I got myself a netbook. Will take a while to pay it off, but that's manageable. Wanted a laptop in addition to the computer anyway, and figured I can as well get something to take with me when I'm on the train or something. *g*
The sleep business has gotten a little better, but oy there, weird dreams!
Anyway, here's some random Heath Ledger in a graphic set:

And a little picspam of the SAG Awarsd, and sort of related or surrounding events.
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[ profile] marylou_gr! *hugs*

Random: So, despite everything we're still planning to attend a few Larps (you remember what that is? *g*) this year. I'm more or less trying to get together some costumes right now (or rather the bases, we're going to do a lot of handicraft with that stuff) - which is fun. Keeps me occupied too and my mind off pondering too much.
Though ebay is not my friend - where's all the cheap stuff in my size when you need it? :P
Anyhoo, made these:

And there's some photoshoots.
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[ profile] beautiful_hooch! *hugs*

I got my appetite back, thankfully. That's something, right?
No such thing as 'stop, let's try this again', is there?
Anyhoo, we got rid of the christmas tree yesterday, which was a bit on the odd side. I threw it out the balcony (always wanted to do that :P). When I went to get it, and place it where it belongs to be picked up, some strange figure darted out of the dark and started running. Eyed me fairly nervous too and had some stuff under his arm. Erm... *slowly retreats backwards*
I have nothing else to say. So here's a Golden Globes related picspam. ;)
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Can't eat, and sleep seems to leave me even more tired than I was when going to bed. Everything's strenuous and I feel physically sick. And emo. Sorry. :P
Anyway, [ profile] poetic_self had posted this poem which I found myself reading over and over again. So I turned it into 'something'.

The poem is Love After Love by Derek Walcott.

Also, here's an unsorted picspam. Recent events and on set of Supernatural.
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So, life. Is uneventful as usual, getting up early is evil and while the snow is melting there's still fun patches of ice on my way to work.
I'm back to wanting to attend kickboxing classes. Let's make that a new year's resolution. I can do zat! Only, I need to get some sportswear first. I have none. Go figure.
I much rather exercise by typing on the keyboard - roleplay stuff. Look, a not so cleverly disguised transition to this:

Also, picspam. Recent events. :D
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[ profile] nyaubaby! *hugs* Let me know if there's anything I can make for you. :D

First day back at work, and I'm craving the weekend already (luckily it's sooo close!). Not a lot to do, but that's the construction industry in winter for you, and I've been bored out of my skull. With way too little sleep. Not complaining though, I get paid for it. ;)
We also had lotsa fun with black ice - probably not the best day to try out your new boots with those rather high heels. I'll never learn.
Anyhoo, almost Friday. And I think I didn't post this yet - roleplay stuff, of course. *g*
The Sith making an entrance. ;) The last and the first version (took me some time to get the proportions right).

Also, picspam. Billy's wedding, the People's Choice Awards, Matt Smith and Natalie Portman.
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Almost Friday! I like. *g*
Had a week full of not really sleeping a lot, I feel it by now. *stretches*
Anyway, at least that included meeting up with a friend last night who happens to be in Berlin this week. Visited the christmas fair, or rather - we drank lots of mulled wine.
Knocked me out pretty fast, obviously I haven't had a lot of alcohol lately. Teeny tiny hangover in the middle of the week, yay.

So, there's not really an end to the Star Wars graphics... thingies. More or less. I tried my hands on manipping a bit more. More or less successfully. *g*
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And a picspam! Sam Worthington, Clive Owen, Elijah Wood, Jake Gyllenhaal, Natalie Portman and John Cho.
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[ profile] thebellelumiere! *tacklehugs*

I've slept 10 hours straight last night - guess I needed that. That kinda set the trend for the rest of the day, I've not done anything, really.

Seeing as I tend to be behind with everything lately this probably will mean you'll get them around summer next year, but anyway. Christmas is closing in and like it's some sort of tradition I'm offering to make icons again - one icon per person, that is. *g*
And this is the post to request one - either a surprise or something more concrete (if so, providing a pic or two wouldn't hurt *g*). ;D

Also, picspam: Orlando Bloom, Eva Mendes, Tom Hardy, Karen Gillan & Matt Smith, and Natalie Portman.
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As of tomorrow evening it'll be just me and the dog for one week - that calls for a party, doesn't it? Well, kind of.
Question: Any of you berlinian (and surrounding areas) ladies up for an evening of booze, chat and general hilarity at my place on Saturday?
Though I'm feeling a bit crappy, but I hope that's getting better just in time for my nephew's birthday on Friday (Seven! How the hell did that happen?).
For some reason there doesn't seem to be an end to the RPG graphics... so here's another one. ;)
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Some pics. Lots of Chris Pine, some Elizabeth Mitchell (and Nicholas Lea) on set, Andy Serkis, Rosario Dawson, Eva Mendes, Natalie Portman, Simon Pegg and Hugh Jackman.
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And how fast it was here...! Nice. *g*
Anyway, week was okay-ish, and tomorrow it's a visit to Ikea with [ profile] leeloo3 - I need one or two new bookshelves. Means I'll probably spend Sunday with trying to sort the resulting mess and giving up halfway through. Good times. :D
In other absolutely interesting news: I gave in and got out my winter jacket. It's frrrrrreezing. But I kinda like the sunrises.
Still wear those rose-tinted spectacles.
More roleplay stuff! That was a gift for someone else. ;)


And some shoots. *g* click )
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Happy Friday! Short weeks, I could get used to that. *g*
So, girls, Bellini Lounge Bar (Oranienburger Stra├če) tomorrow 7:30pm? Y/Y? :D
[ profile] ladyithildiel, thank you for the vgift! :D
I've bought a corset. *g*
Two CD covers from [ profile] themiddleearth' last round (WE WON!):

Some pics, too. ;)
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And that was Tuesday. Everyone kept their hands to themselves, very relieving. But I still think they're out to get me - the bus had a moment when the rear veered to the left while turning a corner. I really was awake after that, the bus driver too, I imagine.
Anyway, things are good, one more week and I'm off into lala land aka vacation. \o/
And while I'm not good at cooking (understatement), here's a special recipe I put together for [ profile] themiddleearth. ;)
Pippin's "Nostalgia" Soup click )

Also, random picspam of recent events. ;)
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Well, not really stuff, just blabbering. ;) Friday! About bloody time, too, that was a strange week. Still, whatever - 12 days! (Yes, I'm counting. *g*)
Yesterday I got my very first C&D letter (or e-mail, really). Should I frame it? It's nothing serious, just something about a teeny tiny version of a poster that leaked and wasn't supposed to. And I did my best to spread it by uploading it to one of my sites, innocent ignorant that I am. *g* But no harm done and they won't sue me out of my cotton socks.
Tomorrow is the 80th birthday of one of my great aunts. I promised myself not to get as drunk as back then at her sister's 70th birthday... that was ever so slighly embarrassing. *g*
In other news: Seeing just how often I put my foot in my mouth it's a mircale I'm not starved yet.
And now I'll dump some challenge icons of Zachary Quinto and Natalie Portman. ;)
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Sep. 6th, 2010 09:51 pm
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[ profile] kathrinchen! *tacklehugs*

Well, Monday. I think I left my head somewhere, it feels like it. *scratches... air?*
Anyway, picspam for [ profile] legendland - recasting the show. ;D click )

Quick picspammage of the ordinary kind too - Venice, Dominic Monaghan, Billy Boyd, Cate Blanchett, Clive Owen, some other people. And scans from Lorna: Merlin, Gerard Butler and Law & Order UK.
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Sep. 6th, 2010 09:51 pm
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[ profile] kathrinchen! *tacklehugs*

Well, Monday. I think I left my head somewhere, it feels like it. *scratches... air?*
Anyway, picspam for [ profile] legendland - recasting the show. ;D click )

Quick picspammage of the ordinary kind too - Venice, Dominic Monaghan, Billy Boyd, Cate Blanchett, Clive Owen, some other people. And scans from Lorna: Merlin, Gerard Butler and Law & Order UK.
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