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I was poked a while back and thought about updating, even though there isn't that much going on right now, but then tonight happend. Dun dun duuun.
Anyhow, Anton, my baby nephew, is doing quite well. Close to 8 months now and he's trying to stand up. Currently my sister is spending a month in Malaga with him, before it's back to work soonish. Pityu is holding up too, going on nineteen now. I'll hopefully post photos sometime soon, right now I'm a tad too shaky to sort this out.
Just got home, I was in an accident and I have the need to 'talk' about it, but there's barely anyone still awake, so I'll just ramble here.
I was picking my mother up at the airport and on the drive home - she was the one driving - pretty much around the corner of the airport, some guy thought it's a jolly good idea to make a turn without looking. There was no room to change the lane, my mother hit the brakes, but it was too late. Went straight into his side and the next thing I know is the airbag deflating in front of me, smoke everywhere and the horn going.
The car is totaled, we have a few bruises (and the other driver is okay as well), but overall we got away lucky. Will visit my doctor for an exam, just to make sure. But boy, that certainly was an experience I could've done without. My aunt picked us up and brought us home. I had a good ten minutes of being slightly nervous until I settled to just not looking at the traffic.
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