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[ profile] nuit2005, [ profile] hai_di and [ profile] phantomberkanna! *hugs*
Here's some icons for you and one for [ profile] londonesque. :)

So, tumblr kinda sucked me in. Too much pretty. Dammit. But it's also quite inspiring, that I like a lot. *g*
Anyway, August wallpapers, with the July design. Didn't want it to go to waste. :D
Liv, LotS. click )

And look... Mitarbeitsnoten )
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[ profile] stardust78! *hugs*
Let me know what kind of icon you'd like. ;D

Weekend is over and I probably should go to bed, but I didn't want to post the walls any later than this. ;) And apropos of nothing... yes, Tumblr. Trying not to fall for it. So far so good. Two hours and counting.
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And as per usual... Mitarbeitsnoten )
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Is there still an active Lord of the Rings icontest out there? Anywhere?
Kinda miss making icons on a more regular basis. *g*
Three weeks until paragliding! Don't panic.
Just a bit over a month until turning 32.
Have May wallpapers. ;)
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Also... Mitarbeitsnoten )
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[ profile] keli and [ profile] titheniel! *hugs*

Soooo, it's April. Holy crap, Batman.
I need about two months of vacation to catch up with the stuff I'm behind with, including LJ. Ash on my tomatoes, sorry guys. :s
We got some nice April weather over here. Windy, rather fresh, rain. Even got snow yesterday. Very thrilled about taking the bike to work as of tomorrow again. :P
Anway, have some calendar walls. ;D
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And as usual... Mitarbeitsnoten )
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Aaaaaand I'm sick. Coughing, fever, the whole nine yards. Thanks boss. Good thing it's weekend, aye? ;) Anyway, here's two more walls - Richard Armitage and Michelle Dockery.
While we're at it... Mitarbeitsnoten )

And another picspam. wclick )
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Completely sober today. Darn. Well, not really, despite my back still acting up and me cursing my way through even more computer trouble (I think Pityu learned a few new words) it's Wednesday and Friday is close. Good enough for me!
And I even managed the regular calendar walls. I know there had been requests - can you remind me again, please?
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And as usual... Mitarbeitsnoten )
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[ profile] littlemonalisa! *hugs* Let me know if there's an icon I can make you. ;)

So, that last day of the year. I have nothing special planned, which is okay because I'm not at my best today. My own fault, so not really complaining and everyone else should be happy cause I'm rather irritably too. *g*
Pityu is doing well all things considered. He doesn't like to go out with all the noise, but at least he's not trembling yet. Sleeping, all day, which right now sounds like a rather good idea.
Anyway, have a safe trip into the new year, unless you're already there, then cheerio to you! :D
I'll leave you with the stats and one of those roleplay thingies:

Mitarbeitsnoten )
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Not to sound like a broken record, but... holy shit, where did this year go?!
Anyway, week got a tad better, tomorrow I can sleep in. \o/
And I finished the calendar walls for this month. Not sure about them, but I might be running out of ideas after what, six years? *tilts head*
Liv, Farscape.
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Also, the stats worked again. *g* Mitarbeitsnoten )
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Belated [ profile] legoline, [ profile] suzyx and [ profile] the_milky_way! *hugs*

Off for a long weekend tomorrow, the weather promises to be awesome - for sleeping in a tent and being outside all day I take a late summer any time. ;D I haven't started packing yet though. *starts running in circles*
However, there's always time for... this:

Arthur's and Guinevere's wedding photo and... err, Arthur Holmes and Guine Watson. Good times.

Wallpapers will follow in a few days, just didn't get to them yet. But here are the stats. ;D Mitarbeitsnoten )
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[ profile] girl_76! *hugs*

[ profile] ladyithildiel, thank you, it arrived! *tacklehugs* Love it. Larp indeed. ;D
Closing in to the weekend. Will be away again, attending the wedding of a friend a few cities away. Got pretty red high heels for that, I'm sure I'll sit most of the time. *g*
Anyway, calendar walls. ;D
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Also... Mitarbeitsnoten )
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Friday, how I love thee. Playing Dragon Age on the Xbox, fun times (Somebody's been drinking. I love Alistair.). *g*
But managed the rest of the wallpapers as well. ;D
Rob, Legend of the Seeker. click )

And as usual... Mitarbeitsnoten )
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Belated [ profile] gemelliragazza! *hugs tight*

And lookie - June. *g* Wallpapers. ;D
Farscape, Gerard. click )

And as usual... Mitarbeitsnoten )
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[ profile] thereisnosp00n! *hugs*

Wanted to show this off - an early birthday present from the ex, something he was inspired to make by Tennyson's Dreams are true while they last, and do we not live in dreams?. Roleplay related of course (Guinevere/Iden with a bit of Arthur), and it hits home, sort of. There are dreams I don't want to wake up from. click for the video )

Calendar walls... May. May, you guys!
Liv, Ewan.
more )

And as usual... Mitarbeitsnoten )
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Belated and right on time [ profile] caelly and [ profile] titheniel! *hugs*

Wasn't it Monday yesterday? Right?
Anyhoo, busy week. Been tortured by the dentist yesterday, and I even can go back there during the next weeks. Yay! Not.
Sleep is elusive once again, it's starting to be a regular. Oh well.
And, as it is... April. No joke this year, don't worry. *g*
But wallpapers. ;)
Karl, Eva. click )

And finally... Mitarbeitsnoten )
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Still keeping up with going to the gym (though it's only two weeks so far, I probably shouldn't be too proud yet *g*), had a bit of a fainting problem today, but that's because I was going about it a tad too fast.
As of today I'm doing this job for exactly one year. Probably not all that long for most of you, but I'm definitely ready for new horizons.
First though, the mentioned Oscars (and related events) spam. ;D
click )
Also, as usual... ;) Mitarbeitsnoten )
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[ profile] icequeen3101 and [ profile] jussy_baby! *hugs*

It's my mother's birthday as well, but apart from lots of phonecalls it's just business as usual. Party on Saturday. Lots of family. I'm excited.
Guys, thanks for vgifts! :D
Have the rest of the February walls, requests included (yep, Tom Hardy too *g*). ;D
LotS, Dom. click )

Aaaaand... Mitarbeitsnoten )
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...and a bit of an 'I'm outta here' post. Sortish. I'm not going anywhere, but the bf and a friend will be here for a few days and I doubt I'll come online during that time. I wanted to write more, but let's just make it short: Have a safe journey into 2011, y'all. Read you soon. ;)
(ETA: Got your cards, [ profile] ireth_e and [ profile] caelly - thanks dolls! *hugs*)
Therefor, here's the calendar walls for January. Any requests will have to wait until next year. *grins*
LotS, Eva. more )

Also... the stats already. ;) click )
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Belated [ profile] sunrise_sets! *hugs*

Almost December, guys!
Therefor, the first batch of calendar walls. ;D
Orlando, Liv. some more )

And the stats... ;) click )
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Right in time, here are the November walls. ;)
Ned Kelly, Liv. more )

And as usual... Mitarbeitsnoten )
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Almost Friday! I'm back to having sleeping issues, and that after one week of lots of sleep and relaxation. It's like that week never happened. *g* But I'm not complaining, as long as time moves forward. Plus... dear ladies in Berlin, care for some drinks on Saturday? :D
[ profile] violateraindrop and [ profile] cat_o_wen, thank you for the doggies! *g*
Was in a minor car accident yesterday, but I'm fine despite a shock that wore off pretty quickly and some bruises. Isn't it nice to be back? ;D
Stats worked again, so here they are. ;D Mitarbeitsnoten )

And time for another picspam - some Kristen Bell, Big Bang Theory Cast, Chris Pine, Karl Urban and Keira Knightley. :D
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