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[ profile] pokecharm, [ profile] tabithas_cat, [ profile] anaithis, [ profile] stephanie_gb, [ profile] silkmoth101, [ profile] ki_kiwigirl, [ profile] kira_iras and [ profile] bryonyashley! *hugs*
(icons are in order)

What else? Got a new bike. I feel like chaining it to my ankle so nobody steals it, but I'm resisting that urge so far. *g* Other than that nothing's really happening.
for the graphics bit... some Thor and Loki )

And a picspam.
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[ profile] kyizi and [ profile] gemelliragazza! *hugs*
Managed a little something for Gem. ;D

Kyizi, any wishes? :)

So, life. Birthday is getting closer. I'll be away over that weekend and made it a long one. So yay! Also, I was sure I already mentioned it, but apparently I didn't - I fell in love with Community quite recently. Any of you made icons from that show? There aren't many around, as it seems, and those, sadly, didn't knock my socks off.
Anyway, just peeked in for the bday wishes, need to go to bed now. Here's a mini picspam. click )
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[ profile] loverofswamps! *hugs*

I'm having moodswings like nobody's business. Good thing there's no one to snap at. *g*
Anyhow, lookie! I made textures, sort of. ;) I had photos from the Berlin premiere of The Return of the King, taken from quite a distance and in a rather pushy crowd. Let's just say they didn't turn out like they were meant to. I kept them for their colourful lights and finally decided to scan them and put them to some use, so... click:

Also, picspam. click )
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Long weekend! \o/ Still sore from my little bike stunt, but it's getting better. Funnily enough, riding the bike helped, though I was eyeing every crack in the pavement veeeery cautiously the first two days.
That's how exciting my life is.
Anyway, made some Easter related grapics for the respective roleplays. So... Happy Easter! (Or just happy free days if that's not your cup of tea.)
three more )

Le picspam. click )
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"Yeah, you know Karate?" - "And two other japanese words."
[ profile] karmalicious84! *hugs*

So many little dragons! Thank you so much guys, that put a smile on my face. *gg*
Calendar walls hopefully coming tomorrow.
My tea tastes like plasticine. Don't ask how I know what that tastes like.
Going to get my own bike soon...ish! \o/
And lookie, another Star Wars graphic. :D

Finally, Oscars picspam. click )
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[ profile] takayajd, [ profile] stinaschnegge, [ profile] _cereza, [ profile] wive and [ profile] mialicia! *hugs*
And with the honest intent to actually get to those requested icons - anything you wish for, birthday kids? ;D

Nothing much happening over here. Saw Haywire the other day - got Berlinale tickets from my sister for it. Quite liked the movie and I have a little crush on Gina Carano. *g*
Kinda fallen out of the iconmaking business, but I'll try to get back into it. Until then I have a ton of roleplay graphics... here's a few, for the 'King Arthur' RPG. There might be something in there I've posted already. *strokes fake beard*
several bigger graphics under here - might take a bit to load )

And a few shoots. :D
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[ profile] nerwende! *tacklehugs* Icon coming up, hopefully soon, along with the rest!
I actually wanted to update more this year. Still working on that, obviously. ;) However, been a busy week, stuff has been done, things have been said and I'm definitely not getting younger. Trouble breathing, which is fun, but makes for a good 'I am your father' impression. LJ or computer or the internet is acting up or maybe everything at once. Not getting any notifications, so let me know if I've missed anything urgent and stuff.
So, some of the stuff I've made over the past two months. Something romantic. ;)

Finally, the Picspam of Doom. Critic's Choice Awards, Viggo, Elijah, RDJ, Paul Bettany.
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Pityu had minor surgery today, had to have some teeth removed. Picked him up from the vet a while ago, still drowsy and tipsy from the narcosis. He's doing fine now, especially minding his advanced age, phew. *g*

Also, flaunting one of my shiny new icons, found in [ profile] justmyb0nes' advent calendar. *gg*
December wallpaper with Ioan Gruffudd, per request. ;D

And a picspam.
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This weekend was suitably lazy. Didn't really do much of anything, but caught up on sleep and roleplay. Means next weekend I'll end up in hectic preparations, because the weekend after that one I'll be at the next Larp. Four days, awesome. *g*
I also tried to watch a few new shows. Switched off The Secret Circle after about 20 Minutes. Ugh. Up All Night and Free Agents barely made me smile, except for the Anthony Head parts in the latter. So instead I snuffled into Castle. Up to the middle of Season 2 by now, I love it. It actually makes me laugh. Nathan Fillion ftw.

Lets get a bit picspammy. Random event stuff...
click )

And Supernatural stills and set pics.
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[ profile] kerrsmith2306! *hugs*

Uneventful week, though I possibly need an anger management course soon, for work. *strokes axe* What?
So, here's a bit more stuff with Zac Efron, you seem to like him. ;D


click )
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Belated [ profile] g1m! *hugs*

My birthday is creeping up. Looking at where I was last year and where I am now... it's both good and bad. Bittersweet, that odd mix of crushed hopes and new perspectives.
Anyway, [ profile] pokecharm poked me for the wish list thingy, me thinks, so here it is: Clicky.
Also, couldn't resist to put the new Conan trailer to good use, roleplay related of course. ;D

The obligatory picspam:
click )
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[ profile] nyaubaby! *hugs* Let me know if there's anything I can make for you. :D

First day back at work, and I'm craving the weekend already (luckily it's sooo close!). Not a lot to do, but that's the construction industry in winter for you, and I've been bored out of my skull. With way too little sleep. Not complaining though, I get paid for it. ;)
We also had lotsa fun with black ice - probably not the best day to try out your new boots with those rather high heels. I'll never learn.
Anyhoo, almost Friday. And I think I didn't post this yet - roleplay stuff, of course. *g*
The Sith making an entrance. ;) The last and the first version (took me some time to get the proportions right).

Also, picspam. Billy's wedding, the People's Choice Awards, Matt Smith and Natalie Portman.
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Just in case anyone might wonder: I won't be around this weekend, surprisingly. I'll visit the bf (thank you, [ profile] leeloo3!!). *bouncy* Cross fingers we won't be snowed in on the way there. ;D
[ profile] kyizi, thanks so much for the card! *hugs* And [ profile] hai_di for the vgift. :D
And here's some more icons for you. ;D
For [ profile] macfraser82, [ profile] abyssinia and [ profile] tabithas_cat.

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Monday. I rest my case.
[ profile] anli, thank you for the card! :D
Soooo counting the days until my holidays - and New Year's, of course. *g*
Anyway, there's a fair bit of icons to do before that, so here are some more.
For [ profile] dreamin_lady, [ profile] dragonxheart, [ profile] caribdreamin and [ profile] spirited_lizard.

And some pics. ;)
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Happy First Advent! Or just happy Sunday. ;D
Life's pretty unexciting these days - work goes its way (haven't ruined the company yet, yay me), I'm counting the days till New Year's (are we there yet?), Pityu still likes to pick up food from the street (and then looks like a guilty chipmunk until he can swallow whatever he's snuffled out there - eww), my head's still in the clouds, still trying to catch up with comments... Same old, same old. ;)
Btw, that sparkly CHRISTMAS ICONS REQUEST POST... THINGY! I know I used to make an icon for everyone on my flist whether they asked me for or it or not. I don't think I'll manage 150+ icons this year though, therefor really better shout at me if you'd like something. And no being shy. ;)

Two attempts at headers for the Star Wars roleplay. ;)

And a nice little picspam. Neil Patrick Harris, Cate Blanchett, Ian McKellen, on set of Doctor Who (potential spoilers if you're really sensitive) and Jensen Ackles (candids, actually - ye be warned).
Read more... )
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Happy Friday! Short weeks, I could get used to that. *g*
So, girls, Bellini Lounge Bar (Oranienburger Straße) tomorrow 7:30pm? Y/Y? :D
[ profile] ladyithildiel, thank you for the vgift! :D
I've bought a corset. *g*
Two CD covers from [ profile] themiddleearth' last round (WE WON!):

Some pics, too. ;)
+47 )
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And that was Tuesday. Everyone kept their hands to themselves, very relieving. But I still think they're out to get me - the bus had a moment when the rear veered to the left while turning a corner. I really was awake after that, the bus driver too, I imagine.
Anyway, things are good, one more week and I'm off into lala land aka vacation. \o/
And while I'm not good at cooking (understatement), here's a special recipe I put together for [ profile] themiddleearth. ;)
Pippin's "Nostalgia" Soup click )

Also, random picspam of recent events. ;)
mooooore )
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Tuesday wasn't all that much better than Monday. *hands on hips*
Another way to wake up without coffee: Wanting to strangle the bus driver. Nicely.
Anyhoo, some requested September walls. ;) more )

Another Emmys picspam. (And some Law & Order UK stuff.)
mooore )

And as usual... ;) Mitarbeitsnoten )
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Tuesday wasn't all that much better than Monday. *hands on hips*
Another way to wake up without coffee: Wanting to strangle the bus driver. Nicely.
Anyhoo, some requested September walls. ;) more )

Another Emmys picspam. (And some Law & Order UK stuff.)
mooore )

And as usual... ;) Mitarbeitsnoten )
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That was Monday - and it was a Monday. *kicks it*
Anyway, all is well now, and here are the September walls, all of them. ;)
LotS, Zach. click )

Also, Emmys picspam! :D
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