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Belated [ profile] gothrockrulz, [ profile] tinaskywalker, [ profile] supacatie, [ profile] idiosyncratic, [ profile] starbreeze, [ profile] londonesque and [ profile] sasha_b! *hugs*
Here's some icons for you, plus outstanding ones from the June birthdays. Please nudge me if I forgot anyone. :D iconse )

What else? Let's ignore there is a July without wallpapers. I simply forgot, even though I had the layout done already. *toes the ground* July so far: Work, not doing much, having my bike stolen. That clearly was the highlight. Especially since it happened on Friday 13th. *smirk* Other than that I'm writing a lot, roleplay of course. It can be consuming at times. Also, there's quite a few graphics related to it, so here's a selection. *g* click )

And here's a Comic-Con picspam.
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[ profile] elrawien, [ profile] blue_hobbit and [ profile] lupina78! *hugs*

Well, that week was... interesting. Interesting as in up and down and up and down. Sticking to the up, as per usual. And Mass Effect. *ahem*
Have some Pityu. He's getting old, the little furball, I tend to cuddle him a lot lately.

Le picspam. Set-Images: Supernatural, James Bond, Rush (with Chris Hemsworth), that one movie with James McAvoy, This Means War, Clive Owen filming something. click )
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[ profile] serenitysangel! *hus*

Also, some belated icons for [ profile] lasamy and [ profile] elanordh. ;D

So, weekend was relaxed, with some kind of roleplay marathon on Saturday. Was awesome. *g* I actually wanted to prepare stuff for next weekend's Larp, but I'll guess I'll do that last minute on Thursday evening. As per usual. ;D
Just because:

Also, the regular scheduled picspam.

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This weekend was suitably lazy. Didn't really do much of anything, but caught up on sleep and roleplay. Means next weekend I'll end up in hectic preparations, because the weekend after that one I'll be at the next Larp. Four days, awesome. *g*
I also tried to watch a few new shows. Switched off The Secret Circle after about 20 Minutes. Ugh. Up All Night and Free Agents barely made me smile, except for the Anthony Head parts in the latter. So instead I snuffled into Castle. Up to the middle of Season 2 by now, I love it. It actually makes me laugh. Nathan Fillion ftw.

Lets get a bit picspammy. Random event stuff...
click )

And Supernatural stills and set pics.
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[ profile] leeloo3! *cuddles*

[ profile] kerrsmith2306, [ profile] cat_o_wen and [ profile] stillgerard, thank you for the sunflowers! *hugs*
I am having computer troubles. Caught me a drive-by trojan and it doesn't let me boot anymore, the little bugger. Am at the Netbook now, no PS to play with (hence no graphcis), while attempting to get the thing to work again. Been at it for a while now with the help of my cousin, but so far... nothing.

In other news, looking forward to the weekend! \o/ Well, who doesn't, right?
However, before everything acted up I managed two new roleplay sets. ;)
A homicidal priest and his brother. *g*

And here's a picspam. Some Viggo, Avengers cast, and Supernatural set pics.
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[ profile] pokecharm! *hugs*

Still waiting for the photo cd from the Larp, but I guess I'll type that report now anyway before the next one in a week. I know you're holding your breath. *gg*
And thanks to ebay I now own a 'Middle Ages dress'. I like - my inner five year old princess is gleeful.
What else? Busy, busy weekends ahead - Larp, wedding, Western. 'tis exciting.
And next up: Christmas. Or so it feels.

Little picspam... couple of set pics.
click )
And events... stuff.

click )
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Belated [ profile] bryonyashley! *hugs*

Had a great time yesterday with [ profile] kerrsmith2306 just talking over icecream, pizza and cocktails. That needs repeating. *g*
I'm having donuts right now. Mmh.
Also realized I hadn't posted pics of Pityu in a while. *g* So here's the sleepy furball, doing all fine for his age.

Last but not least - Supernatural set pics.
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Belated [ profile] g1m! *hugs*

My birthday is creeping up. Looking at where I was last year and where I am now... it's both good and bad. Bittersweet, that odd mix of crushed hopes and new perspectives.
Anyway, [ profile] pokecharm poked me for the wish list thingy, me thinks, so here it is: Clicky.
Also, couldn't resist to put the new Conan trailer to good use, roleplay related of course. ;D

The obligatory picspam:
click )
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Gorgeous weather outside, spent some time on the balcony to work on my, err, tan. :P
Caught up with Chuck, now I'm watching Life per recommendation. I like.
Went shopping yesterday. Boy was that exhausting, but at least I was successful.
Exciting life, see?
Anyway, another one of those roleplay sets. ;) Clicky.

Some Supernatural set pics. ;)
click )

Aaaand some other event pics. *g*
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Belated [ profile] lupina78! *hugs*

In other news - offering icons at [ profile] help_japan here. ;D
When I was around 11, 12 I had a bit of an obsession with Japan. I learned (bits of) the language and Origami, I ate the food, I read everything I could get my hands on and I even saw the Tenno in Berlin - he waved at me. /random waffling
Also, I made this. *g* For the roleplays - we had a bit of a flood of Mary Sues and... they didn't survive. *cough*

And here's a picspam.
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[ profile] elrawien and [ profile] blue_hobbit! *hugs*
A little something for [ profile] blue_hobbit. Helena, let me know if there's anything I can make for you. :D

I actually sleep enough these days, yet I'm still very tired. Mix that with being restless and you get 'weird'. Also, I'm hungry all the damn time. But that might be the gym - I'm losing weight, and that's actually not what I wanted... cake, here I come!
In other completely relevant news: I've started watching Justified and have caught up with it by now. I like. *g*

Free Image Hosting Free Image Hosting Free Image Hosting click )
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Weekend was nice. Had pizza, done grown-up stuff, weeded out half of my wardrobe (and still not done). The things you keep...
Right now I want to throw half of what I have here away, or sell it on ebay at least. I'm extremely restless, I don't think I've ever been in my life before, not to that extent, and it's both unsettling and exciting. Now, if only things would move forward - job and otherwise - I could stop howling at the moon. :P
That was random, I know. ;)

More random: roleplay stuff:

Also, Supernatural cast picspam. *g*
Free Image Hosting Free Image Hosting Free Image Hosting Free Image Hosting more )
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Belated and right on time [ profile] utkari02 and [ profile] linesfade! *hugs*

Not quite sure where the day went, but anyway, I booked tickets for our next Larp - exciting. *g* And will go out later this evening, need to doll up a little.
Sidenote: Accidently buying air freshener that smells just like what he uses is a really, really bad idea. It smells so good though.
Been a while since I posted roleplay stuff, me thinks, so here's some Gerard Butler as our evil God of War. ;D
click )

Picspam: Recent events and some Supernatural stills.
Free Image Hosting Free Image Hosting Free Image Hosting more )
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Things are... strange right now, but I should probably spare the details for a more private entry. Time flies, and I'm glad for it, because there's actually a chance I'll be less of Mopey McMoperson anytime soon. It's been more than a month now and I still have a hard time really moving on. Sssh, don't say it.
Anyhoo, I loved that quote by Leonardo DaVinci, so I doodled up this:

by ~mata80 on deviantART

And here's a picspam - Chris Pine on set, Supernatural on set, Gerard Butler, Maggie Grace, Jared Leto/30 Seconds to Mars and Dominic Monaghan.
click )
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Friday night was fun - Pizza and wine and talking (maybe a tad too much on my part). Also did get the shopping done yesterday with the help of [ profile] coffeestudies and [ profile] domelom and a little hangover. Hair's mostly gone too, there might be pics if I get any that don't look like Myspace self portraits.
Charlie Hunnam and Johnny Depp were in my dreams last night.
Completely random - iconsized club buttons in german and the rather loose english translation. :P

Lastly - set pics, Supernatural and Hawaii 5-0. ;)
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Can't eat, and sleep seems to leave me even more tired than I was when going to bed. Everything's strenuous and I feel physically sick. And emo. Sorry. :P
Anyway, [ profile] poetic_self had posted this poem which I found myself reading over and over again. So I turned it into 'something'.

The poem is Love After Love by Derek Walcott.

Also, here's an unsorted picspam. Recent events and on set of Supernatural.
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[ profile] ripper_girl and [ profile] zeraparker! *hugs*

[ profile] pokecharm, thanks for the Teddy! *g*
And the last batch of icons - not requested, but since you send me something here's a little something back. ;) I hope I didn't forget anyone!
For [ profile] elanordh, [ profile] mirkwoodelfchic, [ profile] kyizi and [ profile] cat_o_wen.

Random: Updated my profile with a new graphic, and here's something else:

Last but not least: A Supernatural themed picspam.
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I've slept almost ten hours last night and still feel tired. *eyes bed*
Buying train tickets feels like robbery over here.
Me and the bf are invited to a very good friend's wedding - in September next year. Feels odd to plan that far ahead, but I'm excited for her. *g* Plus I've been told I have good chances to catch the bouquet. :P
[ profile] pokecharm asked for it, so just in case here's my freshly updated Amazon wishlist. *g*
[ profile] serenitysangel, thank you for the card! :D And [ profile] sibelle_art and [ profile] endless_reader for the vgifts. :D
Anyhoo, tried get into gear with those icons. ;)
For [ profile] clefs, [ profile] silkmoth101 and [ profile] violateraindrop.

[ profile] kristypadalecki and [ profile] utkari02

Some press conference pics. ;)
click )

And set pics - Chris Pine & Tom Hardy, Supernatural.

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Happy First Advent! Or just happy Sunday. ;D
Life's pretty unexciting these days - work goes its way (haven't ruined the company yet, yay me), I'm counting the days till New Year's (are we there yet?), Pityu still likes to pick up food from the street (and then looks like a guilty chipmunk until he can swallow whatever he's snuffled out there - eww), my head's still in the clouds, still trying to catch up with comments... Same old, same old. ;)
Btw, that sparkly CHRISTMAS ICONS REQUEST POST... THINGY! I know I used to make an icon for everyone on my flist whether they asked me for or it or not. I don't think I'll manage 150+ icons this year though, therefor really better shout at me if you'd like something. And no being shy. ;)

Two attempts at headers for the Star Wars roleplay. ;)

And a nice little picspam. Neil Patrick Harris, Cate Blanchett, Ian McKellen, on set of Doctor Who (potential spoilers if you're really sensitive) and Jensen Ackles (candids, actually - ye be warned).
Read more... )
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Not sure if you're still around, but just in case: [ profile] elanordh! *hugs*

Feeling better again, though still slighly exhausted - which could also be due to going shopping yesterday with [ profile] leeloo3 and [ profile] takayajd (alright, I dragged them along, cause I didn't want to go alone *g*), for necessary things (yes, underwear is necessary :P). It was a fun day, despite being totally knackered afterwards. There was ice cream and pizza involved, so there.
Now I'm trying to catch up with entries (check - slap me if I missed something) and comments (oh dear), I want to have a mostly clean inbox before Wednesday (*flail*).
My life, it's exciting, isn't it?

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