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*throws confetti at some of you* I'm catching up, I swear. ;)
More birthday icons, December this time. Almost 2013!
[ profile] clefs, [ profile] littlemonalisa, [ profile] ripper_girl.
 photo clefsbday12.png  photo littlemlbday12.png  photo rippergirlbday12.png

[ profile] zeraparker, [ profile] gealach_ros, [ profile] domelom.
 photo zeraparkerbday12.png  photo gealachbday12.png  photo domelombday12.png

[ profile] little___hobbit, [ profile] mirkwoodelfchic.
 photo katbday12.png  photo mirkbday12.png

I had a nice dream with zombies and Chris Pine last night.
Just thought I'd put that out there. :P
As for the camera and taking pictures, I have yet to actually go out and find some interesting places. But when in doubt, the dog is always a good alternative. Even though he tends to flinch these days when the flash goes off. Or the camera clicks. Or... Read more... )

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I've missed a few birthdays *waves at you*, but that doesn't mean I forgot about you. *g* Still very much intent on catching up with those little icon presents, but I'll do it in batches. So here are a few for the October/November birthday kids that didn't get one yet. ;D
[ profile] ohfreckle, [ profile] nila_rena, [ profile] ladyithildiel.
 photo ohfrecklebday12.png  photo nilarenabday12.png  photo ithildielbday12.png

[ profile] eowyn, [ profile] dekolette, [ profile] dea_liberty.
 photo eowynbday12.png  photo dekolettebday12.png  photo deabday12.png

[ profile] cat_o_wen, [ profile] butterfly8772.
 photo catowenbday12.png  photo butterflybday12.png

[ profile] alles_aus_liebe, [ profile] violateraindrop.
 photo allesausliebebday12.png  photo violateraindropbday12.png
(If I've missed someone, nudge me.)

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Belated [ profile] gothrockrulz, [ profile] tinaskywalker, [ profile] supacatie, [ profile] idiosyncratic, [ profile] starbreeze, [ profile] londonesque and [ profile] sasha_b! *hugs*
Here's some icons for you, plus outstanding ones from the June birthdays. Please nudge me if I forgot anyone. :D iconse )

What else? Let's ignore there is a July without wallpapers. I simply forgot, even though I had the layout done already. *toes the ground* July so far: Work, not doing much, having my bike stolen. That clearly was the highlight. Especially since it happened on Friday 13th. *smirk* Other than that I'm writing a lot, roleplay of course. It can be consuming at times. Also, there's quite a few graphics related to it, so here's a selection. *g* click )

And here's a Comic-Con picspam.
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[ profile] flummy_pumpkin, [ profile] siberian_angel, [ profile] chiffonwings and [ profile] force_oblique! *hugs*
So here's a little something for Tina and the angel. Chiff and Kelly, let me know if you'd like an icon. :)

And would you look at this? Supernatural icons. Mostly from last year's challenges. I suppose the fact that this is the first time this year that I'm posting SPN icons shows just how thouroughly I dropped out of the icon making business. I kinda miss it.
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[ profile] poetic_self and [ profile] justmyb0nes! *tacklehugs*

I've got nothing right now. So here's some X-Files icons. *g*

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[ profile] utkari02! *hugs*

And something for [ profile] takayajd and [ profile] mialicia. Trying to catch up. ;)

Still sick, most likely going to stay home tomorrow to get that off my chest. Literally. *g*
Anyway, had these icons lying around, because I thought the Sundance pics of Liv Tyler were too cute to pass. ;)

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The X-Files

Jan. 5th, 2012 08:49 pm
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[ profile] shirasade! *hugs*
Icon wish goes right here. ;)


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Feeling indeed a bit better, hooked on Downton Abbey, not prepared for the new year. :P
But have some icons. Mostly oldish ones from icontests. ;D

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[ profile] mirkwoodelfchic and [ profile] domelom! *hugs*
Let me know if there's an icon I can make for you. *g*

This week: Went by fast, was 'highlighted' by some car driver bumping into me while I was crossing the street Friday morning on my way to work. Ouch. Nothing happened, but I sure was awake after that.
Have some LotR icons. ;)

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King Arthur

Dec. 3rd, 2011 03:38 pm
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[ profile] little___hobbit! *hugs*

I wanted to make new King Arthur icons since... a while now. To underline that while: The first one is from August 2008, the rest I made today. *g* These are mainly for [ profile] sasha_b and [ profile] cat_o_wen, but I hope the rest of you enjoys some knights as well. ;D

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[ profile] dea_liberty and [ profile] alicircus! *hugs*
Hope you had a great day. Let me know if there's anything I can make for you. :D

I'm back to eating ketogenic - apparently I just get into that phase rather quickly. I suppose it's the same reason I can eat a lot and barely gain weight. Just hope the constant hunger goes away soonish, it's pretty hard not to eat those cookies I have stored away...
Been icon-lazy lately, so here's some oldish Zachary Quinto icons from [ profile] zacharyq_stills to make up for it. ;)
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The X-Files

Nov. 3rd, 2011 10:00 pm
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I'm packing, at least that's what I want to get up to in a minute. Going to bed is also a possibility, even though it's shamefully early, and they say you can't stack up on sleep. Dammit!
Anyway, have some icons. ;D

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[ profile] ladyithildiel and [ profile] paintedwhore90! *hugs*
Time for a wish, if you have one. *g*


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Belated and right on time [ profile] lila87, [ profile] mademoisellenon and [ profile] cat_o_wen! *hugs*
Am in a bit of a rush, so here's time to wish for a special icon if you like. ;D


Defending your life )
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Belated [ profile] cologne_chick! *hugs*

The week just flew by. *g* Have some Supernatural icons from the last two episodes. ;D

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Belated and right on time [ profile] nel2012 and [ profile] lasamy! *hugs*
Icons tomorrow or something, so time to make a wish. ;D

And lookie, SPN icons. Been a while. *g*

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Belated [ profile] tinkerfairy and [ profile] andnolewen! *hugs*

Couple of icons, all entries from [ profile] narniastills. ;D

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Happy Hump Day! Ready for the weekend already, but I guess I'm not the only one there. ;D


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Some icons again - and quite a few, those cast icons kept piling up. ;)

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[ profile] starbreeze! *hugs*
Let me know if there's anything I can do for you. ;D

And look, icons. I still make them on occasion. ;) Mostly challenge icons, they kept piling up. *g*
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