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I've missed a few birthdays *waves at you*, but that doesn't mean I forgot about you. *g* Still very much intent on catching up with those little icon presents, but I'll do it in batches. So here are a few for the October/November birthday kids that didn't get one yet. ;D
[ profile] ohfreckle, [ profile] nila_rena, [ profile] ladyithildiel.
 photo ohfrecklebday12.png  photo nilarenabday12.png  photo ithildielbday12.png

[ profile] eowyn, [ profile] dekolette, [ profile] dea_liberty.
 photo eowynbday12.png  photo dekolettebday12.png  photo deabday12.png

[ profile] cat_o_wen, [ profile] butterfly8772.
 photo catowenbday12.png  photo butterflybday12.png

[ profile] alles_aus_liebe, [ profile] violateraindrop.
 photo allesausliebebday12.png  photo violateraindropbday12.png
(If I've missed someone, nudge me.)

In other news... )

Aaaaaand picspam. click )
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[ profile] takayajd, [ profile] stinaschnegge, [ profile] _cereza, [ profile] wive and [ profile] mialicia! *hugs*
And with the honest intent to actually get to those requested icons - anything you wish for, birthday kids? ;D

Nothing much happening over here. Saw Haywire the other day - got Berlinale tickets from my sister for it. Quite liked the movie and I have a little crush on Gina Carano. *g*
Kinda fallen out of the iconmaking business, but I'll try to get back into it. Until then I have a ton of roleplay graphics... here's a few, for the 'King Arthur' RPG. There might be something in there I've posted already. *strokes fake beard*
several bigger graphics under here - might take a bit to load )

And a few shoots. :D
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Awesome as I am I managed to actually screw up my computer for good this time. Let's see when it's working again. Meanwhile I'm on the Netbook, so not completely cut off at least. Working on PS is a tad funny though. Tiny screen, little RAM, it's like the olden days.
However, there are two more February walls as requested - Francois Arnaud (+ blank version) and 30 Seconds to Mars.
Back not better. Will most likely see a doctor on Monday, as I'll be busy with that birthday party thingy. Timing, I has it. I'm so very keen on my relatives, contemplated to wear one of my Larp dresses and let them think I've lost it. *g*
Anyway, have some shoots. :)
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[ profile] beautiful_hooch and [ profile] eumelkeks! *hugs*
Icons coming up, still. ;) Eumel, hope you got my text!
At least should try to post once a week, aye?
. Breathing got better, feeling better overall, so yay.
. Apparently I look like I could be a mother, as someone handed me a chocolate bar to 'give to the little one' right next to me. Which wasn't mine. Just in case you're wondering. :P
. I want to do so much at the same time, it's ridiculous. But at least I'm getting out of my almost-hibernation phase.
. Roleplayers are nuts. Sometimes.
King Arthur graphics. *g*

And a Golden Globes picspam. :)
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[ profile] nyaubaby! *hugs*
If there's anything I can make you, let me know. ;)

Not that I'm not behind with everything or anything like that. *g* I'll get there or at least I hope so - once I'll stop running. *g* Almost Christmas, right? :P
Work, as per usual, gets in the way, writing kinda does too. Planning my mother's 60th birthday party is fun as well and I didn't figure out yet how to make sleep optional.
Anyway, there's the occasional graphic and I have actually loads I didn't post yet. I'll probably just should chuck them into one big post, but for now:


Le picspam.
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[ profile] nila_rena! *hugs*

And a little something for [ profile] ladyithildiel and [ profile] paintedwhore90. :D

Time tends to get away from me these days - too many addictions, too little time. ;) Also, will be away over the weekend - roleplay meet-up near Xanten, the roman town in the west of Germany. Eight of us from the King Arthur RP. Should be fun. *g*
Other than that, life is pretty uneventful. Been playing Dragon Age 2 on my Xbox, got a new desk, computer is acting up. Same old, same old. ;D
And a picspam of recent event stuff.
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[ profile] serenitysangel! *hus*

Also, some belated icons for [ profile] lasamy and [ profile] elanordh. ;D

So, weekend was relaxed, with some kind of roleplay marathon on Saturday. Was awesome. *g* I actually wanted to prepare stuff for next weekend's Larp, but I'll guess I'll do that last minute on Thursday evening. As per usual. ;D
Just because:

Also, the regular scheduled picspam.

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[ profile] elanordh! *hugs tight*
Let me know if there's anything I can make for you, sweetie. :D

For some reasons I can't stop yawning, very odd that, really. I did sleep enough last night, but maybe it was that dream of spiders and Jedi who looked like Henry Cavill. *gg*
But that's as interesting as that day gets, I suppose.
Try to keep myself occupied with all sorts of stuff. Need to stay away from the 'this time last year' thoughts, they only rain on my parade.
So... have an Aragorn.

A little picspam.
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This weekend was suitably lazy. Didn't really do much of anything, but caught up on sleep and roleplay. Means next weekend I'll end up in hectic preparations, because the weekend after that one I'll be at the next Larp. Four days, awesome. *g*
I also tried to watch a few new shows. Switched off The Secret Circle after about 20 Minutes. Ugh. Up All Night and Free Agents barely made me smile, except for the Anthony Head parts in the latter. So instead I snuffled into Castle. Up to the middle of Season 2 by now, I love it. It actually makes me laugh. Nathan Fillion ftw.

Lets get a bit picspammy. Random event stuff...
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And Supernatural stills and set pics.
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I'm oddly giddy right now.
Weekend closing in. Sleep! Free time! :D
I have nothing planned and I want it to stay that way. *g* Exciting weekends away from home are awesome, but I need some sleeping in and stuff. :D
Moved the aaaaaages old LotR RPG to a new server, includes a new layout and a new header, naturally. *g*


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Belated and right on time [ profile] nuit2005 and [ profile] ki_kiwigirl! *hugs*

Last day of vacation, tomorrow it's back to work. I don't want to goooo! *stomps foot* But guess I have to. Ah well, just two days and then it's the weekend again. *g*
And I have fun things to plan. LarpLarpLarp... where was I?
Anyway, I still look like a lobster in rainy weather. *g*
Have some sexy Medicus. ;D

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Belated [ profile] craterdweller! *tacklehugs*

Hey there, July. I have no comment on the matter.
I totally need more 'sad/emo/whydoesitalwaysrainonme' icons, me thinks. *g*
Anyway, first batch of calendar walls.
Zoe, James. click )

And here's a couple of shoots and set pics. ;D
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Belated [ profile] macfraser82! *hugs* Almost 30, eh? ;D

I'm having vacations right now - one week only, but better than none, right? *g* Will be out of town over the weekend, should be fun. :D Took some valerian pills to help me sleep last night and they still seem to make me feel dizzy. Set some more things in motion which actually feels good, but needs to stay cryptic as it is a bit private. *g* In other news: I'm really hungry right now.
Also, mail man has been busy - thank you so much [ profile] anyathe and [ profile] poetic_self! And [ profile] nuit2005 and [ profile] gemelliragazza for the card, also Gem for the little present. *group hug*

Finally, have some pics. ;D
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Or Happy Weekend. *g* I spent the day sleeping, mostly, and lying in the sun. Which actually wasn't the plan, but yeah.
I was still having occasional problems with my circulation, so I had my bloodwork done last week, still waiting for the results. It took five attempts by three people to actually hit a vein. *wrinkles nose* Otherwise all is fine and dandy, for the most part. ;)
Btw, I've cut a few journals recently, mostly ones that haven't been updated in a while - or appeared that way. That said, I'm really okay with people keeping me out of reading filters, you'll have your reasons. *g* But just in case: If you want to defriend me because things have changed and we've driftet apart or I'm whiny and boring as of late - do it. No hard feelings, really. :)
Anyway, for the colour - made this. Header for the Western RPG, basically our main characters based on how active they are. *g*

And picspam. click )
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First off: Pityu is fine so far, he most likely ate or licked at something he shouldn't have. He poisoned himself, but he's getting treatment now, so all should be okay soon. I'm not allowed to feed him though, and he kept me up all night (me worrying, mostly, I only once had to take him out in my PJs). *cuddles him*
Game of Thrones: Awesome!
Also, been a while: Jedi Henry. ;)

And some shoots. :)
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Still keeping up with going to the gym (though it's only two weeks so far, I probably shouldn't be too proud yet *g*), had a bit of a fainting problem today, but that's because I was going about it a tad too fast.
As of today I'm doing this job for exactly one year. Probably not all that long for most of you, but I'm definitely ready for new horizons.
First though, the mentioned Oscars (and related events) spam. ;D
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Also, as usual... ;) Mitarbeitsnoten )
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Made it through most of Monday, and now it's almost March. Wow. I'm loving the mild temperatures and the sunshine, makes me wish I could get out of the cellar and spent the day on the grass outside. ;D
Anyway, going to meet up with a friend later on. Busy times. *g*
Also, wallpapers:
Eva, Karl. click )

Also, while I'm still collectiong Oscars pics, a random picspam. ;D

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Things are... strange right now, but I should probably spare the details for a more private entry. Time flies, and I'm glad for it, because there's actually a chance I'll be less of Mopey McMoperson anytime soon. It's been more than a month now and I still have a hard time really moving on. Sssh, don't say it.
Anyhoo, I loved that quote by Leonardo DaVinci, so I doodled up this:

by ~mata80 on deviantART

And here's a picspam - Chris Pine on set, Supernatural on set, Gerard Butler, Maggie Grace, Jared Leto/30 Seconds to Mars and Dominic Monaghan.
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Belated [ profile] stinaschnegge! *hugs*
Let me know what kind of icon you'd like. ;D

So, weekend was... let's just say I need a new attempt at the 'new memories' thing. I'll add 'good' to that. It was both in a way sweet and very, very bitter. And I did everything wrong I could.
Anyway, there and back again, and I didn't even watch the latest Supernatural episode yet. No icons therefor, let's see if I can catch up. ;)
And I did this on my graphic tablet, just because:

Headstone by ~mata80 on deviantART

And here's a picspam... lots of it. ;D
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Can't eat, and sleep seems to leave me even more tired than I was when going to bed. Everything's strenuous and I feel physically sick. And emo. Sorry. :P
Anyway, [ profile] poetic_self had posted this poem which I found myself reading over and over again. So I turned it into 'something'.

The poem is Love After Love by Derek Walcott.

Also, here's an unsorted picspam. Recent events and on set of Supernatural.
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