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I've missed a few birthdays *waves at you*, but that doesn't mean I forgot about you. *g* Still very much intent on catching up with those little icon presents, but I'll do it in batches. So here are a few for the October/November birthday kids that didn't get one yet. ;D
[ profile] ohfreckle, [ profile] nila_rena, [ profile] ladyithildiel.
 photo ohfrecklebday12.png  photo nilarenabday12.png  photo ithildielbday12.png

[ profile] eowyn, [ profile] dekolette, [ profile] dea_liberty.
 photo eowynbday12.png  photo dekolettebday12.png  photo deabday12.png

[ profile] cat_o_wen, [ profile] butterfly8772.
 photo catowenbday12.png  photo butterflybday12.png

[ profile] alles_aus_liebe, [ profile] violateraindrop.
 photo allesausliebebday12.png  photo violateraindropbday12.png
(If I've missed someone, nudge me.)

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Aaaaaand picspam. click )
mata: (Farscape - OTP) all of you! Hope you're having a lovely and relaxed time. :D
Pityu dressed up for the occasion. ;)
First and most important, I want to say a very heartfelt thank you to [ profile] gemelliragazza for the card, the beautiful bandanna, the little koala (you know me *g*) and the Ned Kelly mints (my sister looked at them, didn't know who he was, so I took the opportunity to send the movie home with her). To [ profile] little___hobbit for the always delicious cookies I had to guard with my life, to [ profile] ladyithildiel, [ profile] nuit2005, [ profile] poetic_self, [ profile] flummy_pumpkin (yumm!), [ profile] cat_o_wen, [ profile] serenitysangel (also for the icon in this entry!) and [ profile] keli for the christmas cards. *hugs all around* You made me smile and my mother go 'what, another one? :D

I missed a ton of birthdays. Have a Happy Birthday to you now and icons later - already started on them and want to post them within the next few days, along with calendar brushes. It's tradition, after all. ;)
So, short one on my life: Uneventful, same old, same old. Saw The Hobbit, enjoyed it, probably need to see it a second time. Made a ton of graphics I'll post eventually, whether you want it or not. ;D Am watching Pityu getting old, spent time with my family, played Skyrim, will try to catch up with everyone on here during the next few days.
And I've assembled quite a few photoshoot pics. With LJ being slow for me right now I hope this goes through. ;D click )
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A late but nonetheless very happy Birthday toooooo [ profile] totallybalanced, [ profile] leeloo3, [ profile] princess_narnia, [ profile] angi_is_adrift, [ profile] sweetnessarose, [ profile] sibelle_art, [ profile] tinkerfairy, [ profile] andnolewen, [ profile] elanordh, [ profile] nel2012, [ profile] lasamy, [ profile] serenitysangel, [ profile] legoline, [ profile] the_milky_way, [ profile] kristypadalecki and [ profile] cologne_chick! :D *hugs all around*
That turned out to be a small iconset for you guys. click )

Real life. Blergh. Nothing to write home about.
edit: oooh, nice new special effect with the lj-cuts. *gg*
And I guess I'm all wallpapered out. *toes ground* Still, if there are requests for October let me know and I'll give it a shot. :D
In the meantime, have some pics. clickie )
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[ profile] pokecharm, [ profile] tabithas_cat, [ profile] anaithis, [ profile] stephanie_gb, [ profile] silkmoth101, [ profile] ki_kiwigirl, [ profile] kira_iras and [ profile] bryonyashley! *hugs*
(icons are in order)

What else? Got a new bike. I feel like chaining it to my ankle so nobody steals it, but I'm resisting that urge so far. *g* Other than that nothing's really happening.
for the graphics bit... some Thor and Loki )

And a picspam.
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Look at that, two updates in a row. [ profile] violateraindrop asked for a Christian Bale calendar, so here we go. ;)
Also: Friday! And a cut some LJs that weren't updated in over a year or more. I realize I'm not the most active either these days, but still. ;)
I could be on a big-ass Larp right now. Didn't get leave though. *weeps a little*
Anyhow, have some more roleplay...typish graphics. ;D click )

And a picspam. click )
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Belated [ profile] gothrockrulz, [ profile] tinaskywalker, [ profile] supacatie, [ profile] idiosyncratic, [ profile] starbreeze, [ profile] londonesque and [ profile] sasha_b! *hugs*
Here's some icons for you, plus outstanding ones from the June birthdays. Please nudge me if I forgot anyone. :D iconse )

What else? Let's ignore there is a July without wallpapers. I simply forgot, even though I had the layout done already. *toes the ground* July so far: Work, not doing much, having my bike stolen. That clearly was the highlight. Especially since it happened on Friday 13th. *smirk* Other than that I'm writing a lot, roleplay of course. It can be consuming at times. Also, there's quite a few graphics related to it, so here's a selection. *g* click )

And here's a Comic-Con picspam.
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Sunday! Haven't done a lot this weekend, except for getting addicted to the X-Box again. *twitch* Mass Effect is awesome, I'm telling you. Finally finished the first game, started with the second one now and have a hard time staying away from it. *shifty eyes*
Apart from that I'm well again, but I really, really should rethink the 'going to work anyway' approach. No grattitude to be had there, actually.
So, here's some more of those roleplay graphics. Quite a few, this time for the Middle-Ages in good ol' England. *g*

Warning: image heavy )

Also, a picspam. ;D click )
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[ profile] takayajd, [ profile] stinaschnegge, [ profile] _cereza, [ profile] wive and [ profile] mialicia! *hugs*
And with the honest intent to actually get to those requested icons - anything you wish for, birthday kids? ;D

Nothing much happening over here. Saw Haywire the other day - got Berlinale tickets from my sister for it. Quite liked the movie and I have a little crush on Gina Carano. *g*
Kinda fallen out of the iconmaking business, but I'll try to get back into it. Until then I have a ton of roleplay graphics... here's a few, for the 'King Arthur' RPG. There might be something in there I've posted already. *strokes fake beard*
several bigger graphics under here - might take a bit to load )

And a few shoots. :D
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Awesome as I am I managed to actually screw up my computer for good this time. Let's see when it's working again. Meanwhile I'm on the Netbook, so not completely cut off at least. Working on PS is a tad funny though. Tiny screen, little RAM, it's like the olden days.
However, there are two more February walls as requested - Francois Arnaud (+ blank version) and 30 Seconds to Mars.
Back not better. Will most likely see a doctor on Monday, as I'll be busy with that birthday party thingy. Timing, I has it. I'm so very keen on my relatives, contemplated to wear one of my Larp dresses and let them think I've lost it. *g*
Anyway, have some shoots. :)
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[ profile] icequeen3101, [ profile] kateheightmeyer, [ profile] jussy_baby, [ profile] tihana, [ profile] araestel and [ profile] gflady2! *hugs*
I get those icons done, I swear. This year for sure!

[ profile] justmyb0nes said her flist is empty, so I'm doing something about that. Slightly tipsy right now, though, it's my mother's bday today and the bubbly was awfully good. Completely forgot about those calendar walls, will start with them tomorrow. Life is what it is right now. Work, doing stuff, work, sleeping. I'm really missing going to Larps.
However, all's well despite a possible herniated disc. Good times. Have some graphics. :D

And a picspam! click )
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[ profile] nerwende! *tacklehugs* Icon coming up, hopefully soon, along with the rest!
I actually wanted to update more this year. Still working on that, obviously. ;) However, been a busy week, stuff has been done, things have been said and I'm definitely not getting younger. Trouble breathing, which is fun, but makes for a good 'I am your father' impression. LJ or computer or the internet is acting up or maybe everything at once. Not getting any notifications, so let me know if I've missed anything urgent and stuff.
So, some of the stuff I've made over the past two months. Something romantic. ;)

Finally, the Picspam of Doom. Critic's Choice Awards, Viggo, Elijah, RDJ, Paul Bettany.
click )
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Pityu had minor surgery today, had to have some teeth removed. Picked him up from the vet a while ago, still drowsy and tipsy from the narcosis. He's doing fine now, especially minding his advanced age, phew. *g*

Also, flaunting one of my shiny new icons, found in [ profile] justmyb0nes' advent calendar. *gg*
December wallpaper with Ioan Gruffudd, per request. ;D

And a picspam.
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[ profile] anyathe! *tacklehugs*

Nothing but a nerdy discussion about hobbits and wizards with your siblings to cheer up a Monday. *gg*
Otherwise... Monday. Ah well. *g*
Tomorrow is my brother's birthday, so cake! And seeing the kids again, been a while. Bet they're already taller than me. *g*

Also, event picspam. *g*
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[ profile] nila_rena! *hugs*

And a little something for [ profile] ladyithildiel and [ profile] paintedwhore90. :D

Time tends to get away from me these days - too many addictions, too little time. ;) Also, will be away over the weekend - roleplay meet-up near Xanten, the roman town in the west of Germany. Eight of us from the King Arthur RP. Should be fun. *g*
Other than that, life is pretty uneventful. Been playing Dragon Age 2 on my Xbox, got a new desk, computer is acting up. Same old, same old. ;D
And a picspam of recent event stuff.
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[ profile] elanordh! *hugs tight*
Let me know if there's anything I can make for you, sweetie. :D

For some reasons I can't stop yawning, very odd that, really. I did sleep enough last night, but maybe it was that dream of spiders and Jedi who looked like Henry Cavill. *gg*
But that's as interesting as that day gets, I suppose.
Try to keep myself occupied with all sorts of stuff. Need to stay away from the 'this time last year' thoughts, they only rain on my parade.
So... have an Aragorn.

A little picspam.
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This weekend was suitably lazy. Didn't really do much of anything, but caught up on sleep and roleplay. Means next weekend I'll end up in hectic preparations, because the weekend after that one I'll be at the next Larp. Four days, awesome. *g*
I also tried to watch a few new shows. Switched off The Secret Circle after about 20 Minutes. Ugh. Up All Night and Free Agents barely made me smile, except for the Anthony Head parts in the latter. So instead I snuffled into Castle. Up to the middle of Season 2 by now, I love it. It actually makes me laugh. Nathan Fillion ftw.

Lets get a bit picspammy. Random event stuff...
click )

And Supernatural stills and set pics.
click )
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[ profile] sweetnessarose! *hugs*

I've been tired all week, turning the alarm off and stealing another fifteen minutes didn't exactly help either. Will have to get up even earlier tomorrow. Ah well, sleep is for people with no hobbies and weddings to attend. *g* I've already been thinking about how to explain the bruises at my arms and legs should anyone ask. Something along the lines of 'Why yes, I got into a fight... with orcs.' - good, no?
Been making some more roleplay graphics recently too. ;)

And here's a picpsam. *g*
click )
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Belated and right on time [ profile] nuit2005 and [ profile] ki_kiwigirl! *hugs*

Last day of vacation, tomorrow it's back to work. I don't want to goooo! *stomps foot* But guess I have to. Ah well, just two days and then it's the weekend again. *g*
And I have fun things to plan. LarpLarpLarp... where was I?
Anyway, I still look like a lobster in rainy weather. *g*
Have some sexy Medicus. ;D

click )
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Belated [ profile] tabithas_cat, [ profile] hai_di, [ profile] stephanie_gb and [ profile] flippyoung! *hugs*
A little something for TC and Heidi - Steph and Flipp, let me know if you'd like one. *g*

As some of you noticed already, I'm back. Since Sunday night, been pretty knackered yesterday, better today. Still dreaming heavily of everything last week and still in Larpmode. Yes, already planning the next one. :D Have a sunburn, various bruises and despite little Meh-moments quite a bit of fun. Detailed report with pics will follow sometime soon. *g*
[ profile] flummy_pumpkin, thank you for the card! *hugs*
Two additional walls that have been asked for:

Finally, have a picspam. ;) click )
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So auburn is the new black, apparently. *peers into the mirror* Maybe it washes out. *peers more*
Five days of work and then it's vacation time. *snoopy dance* Costume is done (only needs some final touches with the details), tried the elf ears on and according to my sister I look like a Hobbit. There's worse. *g* We took some photos, I might post them soonish. ;)
Random roleplay stuff. ;)

And a little Comic-Con picspam. *g*
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