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A late but nonetheless very happy Birthday toooooo [ profile] totallybalanced, [ profile] leeloo3, [ profile] princess_narnia, [ profile] angi_is_adrift, [ profile] sweetnessarose, [ profile] sibelle_art, [ profile] tinkerfairy, [ profile] andnolewen, [ profile] elanordh, [ profile] nel2012, [ profile] lasamy, [ profile] serenitysangel, [ profile] legoline, [ profile] the_milky_way, [ profile] kristypadalecki and [ profile] cologne_chick! :D *hugs all around*
That turned out to be a small iconset for you guys. click )

Real life. Blergh. Nothing to write home about.
edit: oooh, nice new special effect with the lj-cuts. *gg*
And I guess I'm all wallpapered out. *toes ground* Still, if there are requests for October let me know and I'll give it a shot. :D
In the meantime, have some pics. clickie )
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[ profile] elrawien, [ profile] blue_hobbit and [ profile] lupina78! *hugs*

Well, that week was... interesting. Interesting as in up and down and up and down. Sticking to the up, as per usual. And Mass Effect. *ahem*
Have some Pityu. He's getting old, the little furball, I tend to cuddle him a lot lately.

Le picspam. Set-Images: Supernatural, James Bond, Rush (with Chris Hemsworth), that one movie with James McAvoy, This Means War, Clive Owen filming something. click )
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Twice the pride happy, double the fall. Or something. I probably really should stop getting too excited about things before knowing that everything will go well, but where's the fun in that? I know, cryptic, but let's just say: I was making happy plans yesterday and it all fell through today. Oh well, there's always a next time.
Have some March walls instead:
Liv, Viggo. click )

Also, a picspam - Independent Spirit Awards and the Berlinale. click )
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Awesome as I am I managed to actually screw up my computer for good this time. Let's see when it's working again. Meanwhile I'm on the Netbook, so not completely cut off at least. Working on PS is a tad funny though. Tiny screen, little RAM, it's like the olden days.
However, there are two more February walls as requested - Francois Arnaud (+ blank version) and 30 Seconds to Mars.
Back not better. Will most likely see a doctor on Monday, as I'll be busy with that birthday party thingy. Timing, I has it. I'm so very keen on my relatives, contemplated to wear one of my Larp dresses and let them think I've lost it. *g*
Anyway, have some shoots. :)
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[ profile] beautiful_hooch and [ profile] eumelkeks! *hugs*
Icons coming up, still. ;) Eumel, hope you got my text!
At least should try to post once a week, aye?
. Breathing got better, feeling better overall, so yay.
. Apparently I look like I could be a mother, as someone handed me a chocolate bar to 'give to the little one' right next to me. Which wasn't mine. Just in case you're wondering. :P
. I want to do so much at the same time, it's ridiculous. But at least I'm getting out of my almost-hibernation phase.
. Roleplayers are nuts. Sometimes.
King Arthur graphics. *g*

And a Golden Globes picspam. :)
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Hi there, new year. I'm back to work and it's like I never left and vacations never happend. Is it weekend yet? *g* Sleep is a tad elusive, but I hope that'll be back to normal soon. Until then I'll be grumpy and drink tea.
Anyhow, scrapbook suddenly lets me upload pics again, so I'm going to use that until it decides space is up again. Made four more walls as requested/suggested/hinted at:
Jack Coleman, Lee Pace, Jack & Ianto, The Doctah (Doctor Who might become a regular now, whatever character fits my mood or rather: whose pics fit).

There's also a new RP board, set in the Middle-Ages, I'm involved with:

And some shoots. *g*
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[ profile] brandinsbabe! *hugs*

Can't. Stop. Eating.
Nothing exciting happening around here, however - this is what several hours of non-stop roleplaying will do to you:

(and yes, that is... sort of... King Arthur related)


click )
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I'm oddly giddy right now.
Weekend closing in. Sleep! Free time! :D
I have nothing planned and I want it to stay that way. *g* Exciting weekends away from home are awesome, but I need some sleeping in and stuff. :D
Moved the aaaaaages old LotR RPG to a new server, includes a new layout and a new header, naturally. *g*


click )
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Belated [ profile] tinaskywalker! *hugs*

As of today I'm a certified first-aid attendant. Did a course the last two days, it's mandatory for any business with two or more employees and we had none. And I wanted to refresh my knowledge anyway (did a course 13 years ago... been a while) - feels so much better, knowing that I'd be able to help, just in case.
Have some roleplay stuff:

And a picspam, mostly Harry Potter related, but some others as well. ;)
click )
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[ profile] nerwende, thank you so much for the card - it made my day. *hugs*
And [ profile] serenitysangel, [ profile] silkmoth101, [ profile] cat_o_wen and [ profile] gemelliragazza for the vgifts! :D
Life's somewhat busy right now. The Larp will be in four weeks and there are things to be done by then. Like the whole damn costume. *flails* Also lots of 'props' to be made and a (thankfully not whole, that can be sung for days) Chant of Light to be learned. I've got elf ears. *rofl*
Anyway, might keep you updated with the handicrafts. *g*
Here's a different kind, some fun stuff - the Fantastic Four of the Picts. Roleplay stuff, naturally. Click.

Finishing with some shoots. ;D
click )
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Belated [ profile] paceyringwald! *hugs*

Not a terrible lot going on, as usual. Work, work, work. Slept a whole of three and a half hours last night. Still wrapped up in roleplay, and I bought a book on 'The Age of Arthur' - want to brush up my historical knowledge a little, starting with Roman Britain. Met up with [ profile] coffeestudies, [ profile] eumelkeks and [ profile] wickedground(ssss), who's going to be a mommy tomorrow. Fingers crossed, hon!
And speaking of Arthur and roleplay, I put together another layout. Clicky. *g*

And a few shoots. ;D
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Daylight savings... pffft! I woke up to the alarm (gym course, can't miss) and wondered why I felt so tired after eight hours of sleep, until I realized (a good 30 Minutes later) that I actually only slept seven hours. No fair!
Other than that the weekend was relaxed, or as some would call it: Boring. I can live with that. *g*
Also, made that wallpaper per request. :D

Have a picspam. *g*
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Belated [ profile] poetic_self! *hugs*

So, somehow it was Sunday the other day and now it's Thursday. Which kind of is like it always works, but this time I'm not sure where the other days inbetween went. *strokes beard*
Anyway, free day tomorrow, which would be a definite Yay! (and not having to get up early is pretty nice), weren't it for the funeral I have to attend. Nay. I really don't want to go, but family would make a fuss if I bailed. Long story for another time.
Roleplay stuff:
Click for the layout stuff I mentioned Sunday.

And here's a picspam. ;D
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Belated [ profile] _cereza! *hugs*
Let me know if there's an icon I can make for you. ;)

Things with he who was formerly known as the bf got better after a bit of a falling out on Monday, let's just hope the next meeting really will go better than this. I'll work on it.
Anyhoo, I did the unthinkable today - and hell did not freeze over *peers cautiously outside*: I went to the fitness studio. I must say, it was surprisingly fun, even though I'm out of shape like you wouldn't believe. But hey, at least I was never really in shape, so that's at least no step down. *g*
I also kept doodling away to Inception's Time. I'm still getting used to the graphic tablet and I think it shows, but it's still fun to just draw something out of the blue (no pun intended). *g*

by ~mata80 on deviantART

And here's a little picspam. ;D
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Belated and right on time [ profile] littlemonalisa, [ profile] xsleepingswanx and [ profile] shirasade!

A little late, but nonetheless: Happy New Year!
The last few days had their ups and downs, but I'll stick to the ups. ;) Tomorrow it's back to work again and I so don't want to get up early. *pouts and stomps foot*
Been lazy the last two days - the bf got me the american version of Queer As Folk (the first two seasons) for christmas, watched the first five episodes in a row yesterday, so I guess we can say I like it. *g* Been hunting down the british version as well, just because. Also rewatching the fourth season of Farscape since I've seen it only once so far and the memory is slightly fuzzy. Inbetween I've been playing Enslaved on the Xbox - damn, that main character Monkey looked familiar, but it took me a while to figure out why: Andy Serkis 'plays' and voices him. *g*
[ profile] wickedground, got your text yesterday - thank you! *hugs*

Anyhoo, enough babbling, here's some photoshoots. ;)
more )
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Monday. I rest my case.
[ profile] anli, thank you for the card! :D
Soooo counting the days until my holidays - and New Year's, of course. *g*
Anyway, there's a fair bit of icons to do before that, so here are some more.
For [ profile] dreamin_lady, [ profile] dragonxheart, [ profile] caribdreamin and [ profile] spirited_lizard.

And some pics. ;)
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Almost Friday! I like. *g*
Had a week full of not really sleeping a lot, I feel it by now. *stretches*
Anyway, at least that included meeting up with a friend last night who happens to be in Berlin this week. Visited the christmas fair, or rather - we drank lots of mulled wine.
Knocked me out pretty fast, obviously I haven't had a lot of alcohol lately. Teeny tiny hangover in the middle of the week, yay.

So, there's not really an end to the Star Wars graphics... thingies. More or less. I tried my hands on manipping a bit more. More or less successfully. *g*
(click.) three more )

And a picspam! Sam Worthington, Clive Owen, Elijah Wood, Jake Gyllenhaal, Natalie Portman and John Cho.
Read more... )
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[ profile] ladyithildiel! *tacklehugs*

Long, long day and I slept... weird.
But, ha - I found the song. I even had it on my harddrive. One Republic, which is slightly embarrassing, but I've heard it half asleep during my holidays and it stuck. *toes the ground*
Yep, more roleplay stuff... this time a manip, for the Western RPG:

To explain the text: Milla would be my character, a young women intent on being a cowboy and therefor posing as a boy. Dear Josh Duhamel will at one point notice that he's attracted to the boy. And be a tad confused over it. *g* Old story, but fun to play. ;)

Picspam: Clive Owen, Eric Bana, Jake Gyllenhaal, Diane Kruger, Harrison Ford, Alyson Hannigan and Anna Kendrick.
click )
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Happy Friday! Short weeks, I could get used to that. *g*
So, girls, Bellini Lounge Bar (Oranienburger Stra├če) tomorrow 7:30pm? Y/Y? :D
[ profile] ladyithildiel, thank you for the vgift! :D
I've bought a corset. *g*
Two CD covers from [ profile] themiddleearth' last round (WE WON!):

Some pics, too. ;)
+47 )
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[ profile] alkwing and [ profile] cat_o_wen, thank you for the lunch boxes! *g*
Five days! And it's Friday. In case you didn't notice. (I suppose it's already Saturday for some of you, though.)
Anyway, week's been packed and I'm going into the flaily phase of preparations for my vacation. On top of it I got myself another nice fever paired with the headache of doom. And my eyes hurt. Doesn't mean I'd turn off the computer, nooo. *sheepish expression*
Oh, and I think my mp3 player is sweet on me. Two days ago it stopped playing and instead displayed the message 'I wanna have your babies'. I have no song with that name on it. It felt a bit 'Twilight Zone'. <.< >.>
Have a Clint Eastwood:
And some random shoots.
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