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*throws confetti at some of you* I'm catching up, I swear. ;)
More birthday icons, December this time. Almost 2013!
[ profile] clefs, [ profile] littlemonalisa, [ profile] ripper_girl.
 photo clefsbday12.png  photo littlemlbday12.png  photo rippergirlbday12.png

[ profile] zeraparker, [ profile] gealach_ros, [ profile] domelom.
 photo zeraparkerbday12.png  photo gealachbday12.png  photo domelombday12.png

[ profile] little___hobbit, [ profile] mirkwoodelfchic.
 photo katbday12.png  photo mirkbday12.png

I had a nice dream with zombies and Chris Pine last night.
Just thought I'd put that out there. :P
As for the camera and taking pictures, I have yet to actually go out and find some interesting places. But when in doubt, the dog is always a good alternative. Even though he tends to flinch these days when the flash goes off. Or the camera clicks. Or... Read more... )

Picspammage: click )
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[ profile] pokecharm, [ profile] tabithas_cat, [ profile] anaithis, [ profile] stephanie_gb, [ profile] silkmoth101, [ profile] ki_kiwigirl, [ profile] kira_iras and [ profile] bryonyashley! *hugs*
(icons are in order)

What else? Got a new bike. I feel like chaining it to my ankle so nobody steals it, but I'm resisting that urge so far. *g* Other than that nothing's really happening.
for the graphics bit... some Thor and Loki )

And a picspam.
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Weekend! Doing next to nothing, though I should start preparing a few things. Larp in two weeks. \o/ Am a tad excited - cross fingers the weather will behave. ;D
On the topic of things I've watched - I stumbled upon L5. It's a crowd-funded (look, I'm learning fancy new words :P) Sci-Fi webseries. Or one episode of it, as far as I've noticed, and surely not 'Hollywood standard', but I liked it. ;)
And while we're in the future - Star Wars RPG related manip, Liev Schreiber as a soldier. Cupcake for anyone who recognizes the armour. ;)

eta: If you have an inkling who Ned Kelly is - just go and watch this. If you have no idea who Ned Kelly is - go and watch it anyway.

A few shoots - as per request I've inclued Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson. ;D click )
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[ profile] elrawien, [ profile] blue_hobbit and [ profile] lupina78! *hugs*

Well, that week was... interesting. Interesting as in up and down and up and down. Sticking to the up, as per usual. And Mass Effect. *ahem*
Have some Pityu. He's getting old, the little furball, I tend to cuddle him a lot lately.

Le picspam. Set-Images: Supernatural, James Bond, Rush (with Chris Hemsworth), that one movie with James McAvoy, This Means War, Clive Owen filming something. click )
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Twice the pride happy, double the fall. Or something. I probably really should stop getting too excited about things before knowing that everything will go well, but where's the fun in that? I know, cryptic, but let's just say: I was making happy plans yesterday and it all fell through today. Oh well, there's always a next time.
Have some March walls instead:
Liv, Viggo. click )

Also, a picspam - Independent Spirit Awards and the Berlinale. click )
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[ profile] takayajd, [ profile] stinaschnegge, [ profile] _cereza, [ profile] wive and [ profile] mialicia! *hugs*
And with the honest intent to actually get to those requested icons - anything you wish for, birthday kids? ;D

Nothing much happening over here. Saw Haywire the other day - got Berlinale tickets from my sister for it. Quite liked the movie and I have a little crush on Gina Carano. *g*
Kinda fallen out of the iconmaking business, but I'll try to get back into it. Until then I have a ton of roleplay graphics... here's a few, for the 'King Arthur' RPG. There might be something in there I've posted already. *strokes fake beard*
several bigger graphics under here - might take a bit to load )

And a few shoots. :D
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[ profile] anyathe! *tacklehugs*

Nothing but a nerdy discussion about hobbits and wizards with your siblings to cheer up a Monday. *gg*
Otherwise... Monday. Ah well. *g*
Tomorrow is my brother's birthday, so cake! And seeing the kids again, been a while. Bet they're already taller than me. *g*

Also, event picspam. *g*
click )
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[ profile] lunglock and [ profile] maiky711! *hugs*
Let me know if there's an icon you like me to make for you. :D

So, I'm back. Was rather zombified on Sunday and not really up for it on Monday either. Work again today, damn you, early morning hours!
Anyway, the weekend was fun, if pretty cold. I'm too old for this shit. Or just need a warmer costume, really. But that's it for now with Larps for the next few months. *sigh*
Though I'm looking forward to a few free weekends with nothing planned. ;D
Time to get back into iconing and all that stuff.
And here's graphics, look!

Also, picspam.
click )
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[ profile] elanordh! *hugs tight*
Let me know if there's anything I can make for you, sweetie. :D

For some reasons I can't stop yawning, very odd that, really. I did sleep enough last night, but maybe it was that dream of spiders and Jedi who looked like Henry Cavill. *gg*
But that's as interesting as that day gets, I suppose.
Try to keep myself occupied with all sorts of stuff. Need to stay away from the 'this time last year' thoughts, they only rain on my parade.
So... have an Aragorn.

A little picspam.
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[ profile] sweetnessarose! *hugs*

I've been tired all week, turning the alarm off and stealing another fifteen minutes didn't exactly help either. Will have to get up even earlier tomorrow. Ah well, sleep is for people with no hobbies and weddings to attend. *g* I've already been thinking about how to explain the bruises at my arms and legs should anyone ask. Something along the lines of 'Why yes, I got into a fight... with orcs.' - good, no?
Been making some more roleplay graphics recently too. ;)

And here's a picpsam. *g*
click )
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[ profile] elrawien and [ profile] blue_hobbit! *hugs*
A little something for [ profile] blue_hobbit. Helena, let me know if there's anything I can make for you. :D

I actually sleep enough these days, yet I'm still very tired. Mix that with being restless and you get 'weird'. Also, I'm hungry all the damn time. But that might be the gym - I'm losing weight, and that's actually not what I wanted... cake, here I come!
In other completely relevant news: I've started watching Justified and have caught up with it by now. I like. *g*

Free Image Hosting Free Image Hosting Free Image Hosting click )
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Things are... strange right now, but I should probably spare the details for a more private entry. Time flies, and I'm glad for it, because there's actually a chance I'll be less of Mopey McMoperson anytime soon. It's been more than a month now and I still have a hard time really moving on. Sssh, don't say it.
Anyhoo, I loved that quote by Leonardo DaVinci, so I doodled up this:

by ~mata80 on deviantART

And here's a picspam - Chris Pine on set, Supernatural on set, Gerard Butler, Maggie Grace, Jared Leto/30 Seconds to Mars and Dominic Monaghan.
click )
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[ profile] spirited_lizard! *hugs*

I'm on the mend, just tired most of the time and still with one red eye that looks like I'm partying too much. Work's a little crazy, but one more day and I'm off for a long weekend. ;) I'll be down in Mainz, with him. Making new memories to replace the old ones, you know?
Anyway, made this for [ profile] legendland. ;D

And here's a spam of the new Star Trek cast. ;D
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[ profile] stillgerard! *hugs*

TGIF! Though the weekend isn't set to be all thrilling, but at least I can sleep in. ;)
I think I ate too much, because I'm suddenly feeling rather sick. *curls up in a ball* Uh, wrong move...
In other news, next week will be quiet at work, just me all by myself. Looking forward to that. \o/

And here's pretty pictures of pretty people. ;)
click )
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I've slept almost ten hours last night and still feel tired. *eyes bed*
Buying train tickets feels like robbery over here.
Me and the bf are invited to a very good friend's wedding - in September next year. Feels odd to plan that far ahead, but I'm excited for her. *g* Plus I've been told I have good chances to catch the bouquet. :P
[ profile] pokecharm asked for it, so just in case here's my freshly updated Amazon wishlist. *g*
[ profile] serenitysangel, thank you for the card! :D And [ profile] sibelle_art and [ profile] endless_reader for the vgifts. :D
Anyhoo, tried get into gear with those icons. ;)
For [ profile] clefs, [ profile] silkmoth101 and [ profile] violateraindrop.

[ profile] kristypadalecki and [ profile] utkari02

Some press conference pics. ;)
click )

And set pics - Chris Pine & Tom Hardy, Supernatural.

more )
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Whoops, month is almost over... calendar walls. *throws arms in the air* But not today. *g*
The birthday yesterday was cute and was a nice opportunity to see my siblings again, just wish I weren't that tired. Same today, and I could claim that sleep is elusive, but mostly it's me not going to bed early enough. ;)
Anyhoo, I got the car for this week and rediscovered just how much I love driving. I never drove an automatic before, but got used to it quickly - besides the occasional twitching when I want to change the non-existant gear. *g*
In other news, I'm a bloody ol' fool and here's something different, RPG graphics wise. ;)

Anyone up to see that movie? ;)

Some pics - Robert Downey Jr., Ian Somerhalder, Chris Pine, Viggo Mortensen, one Paul Bettany, and Jorge Garcia.
click )
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As of tomorrow evening it'll be just me and the dog for one week - that calls for a party, doesn't it? Well, kind of.
Question: Any of you berlinian (and surrounding areas) ladies up for an evening of booze, chat and general hilarity at my place on Saturday?
Though I'm feeling a bit crappy, but I hope that's getting better just in time for my nephew's birthday on Friday (Seven! How the hell did that happen?).
For some reason there doesn't seem to be an end to the RPG graphics... so here's another one. ;)
+banner )

Some pics. Lots of Chris Pine, some Elizabeth Mitchell (and Nicholas Lea) on set, Andy Serkis, Rosario Dawson, Eva Mendes, Natalie Portman, Simon Pegg and Hugh Jackman.
click )
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[ profile] lila87! *hugs*

Time keeps flying, but for once I don't mind it. *g*
On a sadder note: Someone I knew for a very long time died last week. It's not like we were really close, especially as of late. But he's always been there, and thinking that he isn't anymore is just... strange.
Also, here's Brad Pitt. ;)
and a banner )

Last but not least, a picspam. Karl Urban, Eric Bana, Chris Pine, Johnny Depp and Noah Wylie.
more )
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Almost Friday! I'm back to having sleeping issues, and that after one week of lots of sleep and relaxation. It's like that week never happened. *g* But I'm not complaining, as long as time moves forward. Plus... dear ladies in Berlin, care for some drinks on Saturday? :D
[ profile] violateraindrop and [ profile] cat_o_wen, thank you for the doggies! *g*
Was in a minor car accident yesterday, but I'm fine despite a shock that wore off pretty quickly and some bruises. Isn't it nice to be back? ;D
Stats worked again, so here they are. ;D Mitarbeitsnoten )

And time for another picspam - some Kristen Bell, Big Bang Theory Cast, Chris Pine, Karl Urban and Keira Knightley. :D
more )
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*clings to Sunday* Was even more unproductive today, at least when it comes to stuff that doesn't require a computer. But it's Sunday after all... one that is rapidly riding into the sunset, dammit. Pityu is staring at me - I have no clue what he wants. We just went for a walk. Talk to me, furball.
Anyway, as for the computer-productive stuff... new header for the new King Arthur RPG layout... thing. And a 'Zombie' header. *g*

Another September wallpaper for [ profile] amaranthine3:

And a Star Trek Cast spam. :D click )

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