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[ profile] pokecharm, [ profile] tabithas_cat, [ profile] anaithis, [ profile] stephanie_gb, [ profile] silkmoth101, [ profile] ki_kiwigirl, [ profile] kira_iras and [ profile] bryonyashley! *hugs*
(icons are in order)

What else? Got a new bike. I feel like chaining it to my ankle so nobody steals it, but I'm resisting that urge so far. *g* Other than that nothing's really happening.
for the graphics bit... some Thor and Loki )

And a picspam.
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Hi there, new year. I'm back to work and it's like I never left and vacations never happend. Is it weekend yet? *g* Sleep is a tad elusive, but I hope that'll be back to normal soon. Until then I'll be grumpy and drink tea.
Anyhow, scrapbook suddenly lets me upload pics again, so I'm going to use that until it decides space is up again. Made four more walls as requested/suggested/hinted at:
Jack Coleman, Lee Pace, Jack & Ianto, The Doctah (Doctor Who might become a regular now, whatever character fits my mood or rather: whose pics fit).

There's also a new RP board, set in the Middle-Ages, I'm involved with:

And some shoots. *g*
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Pityu had minor surgery today, had to have some teeth removed. Picked him up from the vet a while ago, still drowsy and tipsy from the narcosis. He's doing fine now, especially minding his advanced age, phew. *g*

Also, flaunting one of my shiny new icons, found in [ profile] justmyb0nes' advent calendar. *gg*
December wallpaper with Ioan Gruffudd, per request. ;D

And a picspam.
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Well, that wasn't my day, but at least I'm settling in with the ketosis - just a headache left, normal hunger, less cravings and not one bit tired throughout the day. Even though office work is less than thrilling. ;D
TV bits: Quite enjoying Hell on Wheels, but I've always been a Western fan anyway. The ending of The Walking Dead made me cry. *sniffles* Caught up with Merlin again, still haven't watched the last two episodes of Supernatural, strangely enough.
Some roleplay stuff. The God of War and his one-handed Druid. *g*

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[ profile] brandinsbabe! *hugs*

Can't. Stop. Eating.
Nothing exciting happening around here, however - this is what several hours of non-stop roleplaying will do to you:

(and yes, that is... sort of... King Arthur related)


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Feeling a little sick, but will be off to El Dorado soonish anyway, with [ profile] takayajd and [ profile] leeloo3. Western weekend ftw!
Got out my leather coat, too bad I don't have a hat or actual cowboy boots. *g*
Random roleplay-Ben-Barnes. ;D

And a picspam, stuff from the last few days. *g*
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[ profile] anaithis! *hugs*

Monday, but oh well. ;)
We had some (illegal) fireworks going off in the backyard last night, this morning I was woken up by the police. Fun times (and despite popular belief not all that common in this part of the city).
Have the next Larp lined up already in two weeks. *g* This time as a Non-Player Character (which are bascially the plot-puppets), the ticket's much cheaper and it should be fun. From what I've read we're going to be mostly Orcs, yay! click )
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Belated and right on time [ profile] nuit2005 and [ profile] ki_kiwigirl! *hugs*

Last day of vacation, tomorrow it's back to work. I don't want to goooo! *stomps foot* But guess I have to. Ah well, just two days and then it's the weekend again. *g*
And I have fun things to plan. LarpLarpLarp... where was I?
Anyway, I still look like a lobster in rainy weather. *g*
Have some sexy Medicus. ;D

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Belated [ profile] craterdweller! *tacklehugs*

Hey there, July. I have no comment on the matter.
I totally need more 'sad/emo/whydoesitalwaysrainonme' icons, me thinks. *g*
Anyway, first batch of calendar walls.
Zoe, James. click )

And here's a couple of shoots and set pics. ;D
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Days are just flying by these... days. ;) Been hanging out in front of the Xbox a tad too often, me thinks, but I'll hopefully be able to fight that addiction. *g*
And hey look, new moodtheme after how many years? Aeryn from Farscape, [ profile] ireth_e made it. :D
Anyhow, the proper post-birthday entry with (hopefully) all the 'thank yous'. *g* click )

And the picspam:
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I had a lovely day - didn't do much, really. Family was over for cake and presents, and all your wishes made the day so much better. *g* Thanks for that! More detailed 'thank yous' and the like next week then. Am in the middle of packing, and I shouldn't go to bed too late, I guess. Will have to get up at 4:30am, which is quite... early. *yawns*
So, I'm wishing you a lovely weekend already, and will leave you with this:
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Belated and right on time [ profile] utkari02 and [ profile] linesfade! *hugs*

Not quite sure where the day went, but anyway, I booked tickets for our next Larp - exciting. *g* And will go out later this evening, need to doll up a little.
Sidenote: Accidently buying air freshener that smells just like what he uses is a really, really bad idea. It smells so good though.
Been a while since I posted roleplay stuff, me thinks, so here's some Gerard Butler as our evil God of War. ;D
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Picspam: Recent events and some Supernatural stills.
Free Image Hosting Free Image Hosting Free Image Hosting more )
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Still keeping up with going to the gym (though it's only two weeks so far, I probably shouldn't be too proud yet *g*), had a bit of a fainting problem today, but that's because I was going about it a tad too fast.
As of today I'm doing this job for exactly one year. Probably not all that long for most of you, but I'm definitely ready for new horizons.
First though, the mentioned Oscars (and related events) spam. ;D
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Also, as usual... ;) Mitarbeitsnoten )
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Made it through most of Monday, and now it's almost March. Wow. I'm loving the mild temperatures and the sunshine, makes me wish I could get out of the cellar and spent the day on the grass outside. ;D
Anyway, going to meet up with a friend later on. Busy times. *g*
Also, wallpapers:
Eva, Karl. click )

Also, while I'm still collectiong Oscars pics, a random picspam. ;D

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Oh, hi there muscle soreness. I cling to the promise that it's getting better with time, but at least I feel that I really did something. *g*
Other than that it's one of those days. I feel like this little guy:

Shush you, paranoia.

Have some pics:
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Holidays! I'm off til January 6, lots of sleeping in is planned. I like.
Back since Sunday night from a rather exhausting weekend. But I loved it, of course. *g*
We had loads of snow, though it wasn't as bad as predicted on the way to Cologne. The way back to Berlin was a whole other story, but we made it safely home. Obviously. ;)
Look, snow:

And I got cards and stuff!
First off, thanks so much [ profile] pokecharm and [ profile] illura for the Amazon packages! *hugs* I didn't peek at them yet, I had them safely stashed away. *gg*
And [ profile] tinkerfairy, [ profile] mirkwoodelfchic, [ profile] flummy_pumpkin, [ profile] poetic_self, [ profile] ladyithildiel and [ profile] _cereza for the cards! *beams*
Also, Christmas is basically around the corner, so here are some more icons. :D
For [ profile] trueshellz, [ profile] tinkerfairy and [ profile] stillgerard.

[ profile] stardust78, [ profile] siberian_angel and [ profile] hai_di.

And a few pics. *g* Karl Urban, Johnny Depp, Matt Smith & Karen Gillan, Cate Blanchett, Hugh Jackman and Kristen Bell.
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Happy First Advent! Or just happy Sunday. ;D
Life's pretty unexciting these days - work goes its way (haven't ruined the company yet, yay me), I'm counting the days till New Year's (are we there yet?), Pityu still likes to pick up food from the street (and then looks like a guilty chipmunk until he can swallow whatever he's snuffled out there - eww), my head's still in the clouds, still trying to catch up with comments... Same old, same old. ;)
Btw, that sparkly CHRISTMAS ICONS REQUEST POST... THINGY! I know I used to make an icon for everyone on my flist whether they asked me for or it or not. I don't think I'll manage 150+ icons this year though, therefor really better shout at me if you'd like something. And no being shy. ;)

Two attempts at headers for the Star Wars roleplay. ;)

And a nice little picspam. Neil Patrick Harris, Cate Blanchett, Ian McKellen, on set of Doctor Who (potential spoilers if you're really sensitive) and Jensen Ackles (candids, actually - ye be warned).
Read more... )
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So everyone sees it: Off to Lala-Land from September 23rd to October 4th. Hiatus, meaning not here, somewhere else!
One more day of work tomorrow and then I'm off on vacation afterwards! *runs in circles* I'll get picked up in the afternoon and depending on how things go Le Crush will either stay the night or we'll drive down to his place.
Since some of you asked: I'll stay close to Mainz, that's in the Southwest of Germany. We originally planned on attending a Larp, but that was cancelled. Trying to find a replacement right now, but if that doesn't work out it'll be sightseeing, landscape and some movies and shows on DVD. And figuring out where things go, but more on that later. ;)
I'll be back on October 4, not sure if I'll manage to catch up with everyone - throw me important must-see links, will ya? *g*
I'll also miss some birthdays, so here's your chance to make a wish for an icon. *g*
[ profile] stillgerard and [ profile] cologne_chick, thank you for the lunch boxes. ;D

Anyway, I managed to finish these - no requests possible this time around, obviously. ;)
Ewan. more )

And a picspam on my way out: Cate Blanchett, David Wenham, Elijah Wood, Ben Affleck, Shia Labeouf and Sam Worthington. click )

See you on the flip side! *waves with tissue*


Sep. 6th, 2010 09:51 pm
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[ profile] kathrinchen! *tacklehugs*

Well, Monday. I think I left my head somewhere, it feels like it. *scratches... air?*
Anyway, picspam for [ profile] legendland - recasting the show. ;D click )

Quick picspammage of the ordinary kind too - Venice, Dominic Monaghan, Billy Boyd, Cate Blanchett, Clive Owen, some other people. And scans from Lorna: Merlin, Gerard Butler and Law & Order UK.
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Sep. 6th, 2010 09:51 pm
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[ profile] kathrinchen! *tacklehugs*

Well, Monday. I think I left my head somewhere, it feels like it. *scratches... air?*
Anyway, picspam for [ profile] legendland - recasting the show. ;D click )

Quick picspammage of the ordinary kind too - Venice, Dominic Monaghan, Billy Boyd, Cate Blanchett, Clive Owen, some other people. And scans from Lorna: Merlin, Gerard Butler and Law & Order UK.
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