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Is there still an active Lord of the Rings icontest out there? Anywhere?
Kinda miss making icons on a more regular basis. *g*
Three weeks until paragliding! Don't panic.
Just a bit over a month until turning 32.
Have May wallpapers. ;)
Ewan, Dom & Elijah. more )

Also... Mitarbeitsnoten )
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[ profile] alkwing and [ profile] thereisnosp00n! *hugs*

I'm back. Con-Weekend was fun, great weather. Nice moments like telling a templar I'm possessed by a demon and he proceeds to offer me cookies, having Orcs adopt me as a pet, getting my throat slit, healed and plodding about almost fainting every time someone told me I had blood on me. Things like that.
Also, there was a Hemsworth/Thor lookalike. *melts*
Speaking of which, I saw The Avengers. I loved it. non-spoilery review, me thinks )

To keep with the theme, Avengers picspam. click )
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[ profile] coffeestudies! *tacklehugs*

Real Life is a little troublesome right now, but five day weekend coming up, so yay! And I swear, five minutes ago I still knew what I wanted to write, by now - no clue. Wasn't that important then. I guess. *wanders off*
Random graphic:

Moar Avengers! click )
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Old age: When you can't eat pizza and icecream in combination anymore without feeling nauseated afterwards. Dammit, Jim! (first pizza, then icecream, just in case you're trying to imagine it right now) Going to crawl into my bed soonish. Am tired most of the time anyway, still need to get used to the 10km of biking every day. At least my blood pressure is awesome, so yay!
Something for the gamelings here:

Also, it's Hammertime Avengerstime!
The supies in Russia two days ago: click )
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[ profile] loverofswamps! *hugs*

I'm having moodswings like nobody's business. Good thing there's no one to snap at. *g*
Anyhow, lookie! I made textures, sort of. ;) I had photos from the Berlin premiere of The Return of the King, taken from quite a distance and in a rather pushy crowd. Let's just say they didn't turn out like they were meant to. I kept them for their colourful lights and finally decided to scan them and put them to some use, so... click:

Also, picspam. click )
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Weekend! Doing next to nothing, though I should start preparing a few things. Larp in two weeks. \o/ Am a tad excited - cross fingers the weather will behave. ;D
On the topic of things I've watched - I stumbled upon L5. It's a crowd-funded (look, I'm learning fancy new words :P) Sci-Fi webseries. Or one episode of it, as far as I've noticed, and surely not 'Hollywood standard', but I liked it. ;)
And while we're in the future - Star Wars RPG related manip, Liev Schreiber as a soldier. Cupcake for anyone who recognizes the armour. ;)

eta: If you have an inkling who Ned Kelly is - just go and watch this. If you have no idea who Ned Kelly is - go and watch it anyway.

A few shoots - as per request I've inclued Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson. ;D click )
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So, life is uneventful. No more bike accidents, work is the same old thing, I still play Mass Effect 2 (again). Also, late to the party, but I finally saw X-Men: First Class and was surprised by how much I loved it. Probably should've known since most of you were all over it last year, but... well.
Did some Star Wars RPG related manipping again (here's the original for comparison).

And look, lots of pretty people at the Avengers premiere. click )
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Long weekend! \o/ Still sore from my little bike stunt, but it's getting better. Funnily enough, riding the bike helped, though I was eyeing every crack in the pavement veeeery cautiously the first two days.
That's how exciting my life is.
Anyway, made some Easter related grapics for the respective roleplays. So... Happy Easter! (Or just happy free days if that's not your cup of tea.)
three more )

Le picspam. click )
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[ profile] keli and [ profile] titheniel! *hugs*

Soooo, it's April. Holy crap, Batman.
I need about two months of vacation to catch up with the stuff I'm behind with, including LJ. Ash on my tomatoes, sorry guys. :s
We got some nice April weather over here. Windy, rather fresh, rain. Even got snow yesterday. Very thrilled about taking the bike to work as of tomorrow again. :P
Anway, have some calendar walls. ;D
Doctor Who, Zach/Star Trek. click )

And as usual... Mitarbeitsnoten )
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[ profile] poetic_self and [ profile] justmyb0nes! *tacklehugs*

I've got nothing right now. So here's some X-Files icons. *g*

click )
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I might have watched the Prometheus trailer around five times by now. It still gives me goosebumps. I absolutely LOVE the Alien movies, so I'm ridiculously excited for this. *g*
In other news: Sunday. Mild weather, sunshine, spring!
I believe I haven't posted these yet. Graphics for the Western RPG. ;)
more )

And there's a picspam. click )
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[ profile] elrawien, [ profile] blue_hobbit and [ profile] lupina78! *hugs*

Well, that week was... interesting. Interesting as in up and down and up and down. Sticking to the up, as per usual. And Mass Effect. *ahem*
Have some Pityu. He's getting old, the little furball, I tend to cuddle him a lot lately.

Le picspam. Set-Images: Supernatural, James Bond, Rush (with Chris Hemsworth), that one movie with James McAvoy, This Means War, Clive Owen filming something. click )
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Sunday! Haven't done a lot this weekend, except for getting addicted to the X-Box again. *twitch* Mass Effect is awesome, I'm telling you. Finally finished the first game, started with the second one now and have a hard time staying away from it. *shifty eyes*
Apart from that I'm well again, but I really, really should rethink the 'going to work anyway' approach. No grattitude to be had there, actually.
So, here's some more of those roleplay graphics. Quite a few, this time for the Middle-Ages in good ol' England. *g*

Warning: image heavy )

Also, a picspam. ;D click )
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[ profile] utkari02! *hugs*

And something for [ profile] takayajd and [ profile] mialicia. Trying to catch up. ;)

Still sick, most likely going to stay home tomorrow to get that off my chest. Literally. *g*
Anyway, had these icons lying around, because I thought the Sundance pics of Liv Tyler were too cute to pass. ;)

click )
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Aaaaaand I'm sick. Coughing, fever, the whole nine yards. Thanks boss. Good thing it's weekend, aye? ;) Anyway, here's two more walls - Richard Armitage and Michelle Dockery.
While we're at it... Mitarbeitsnoten )

And another picspam. wclick )
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Twice the pride happy, double the fall. Or something. I probably really should stop getting too excited about things before knowing that everything will go well, but where's the fun in that? I know, cryptic, but let's just say: I was making happy plans yesterday and it all fell through today. Oh well, there's always a next time.
Have some March walls instead:
Liv, Viggo. click )

Also, a picspam - Independent Spirit Awards and the Berlinale. click )
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"Yeah, you know Karate?" - "And two other japanese words."
[ profile] karmalicious84! *hugs*

So many little dragons! Thank you so much guys, that put a smile on my face. *gg*
Calendar walls hopefully coming tomorrow.
My tea tastes like plasticine. Don't ask how I know what that tastes like.
Going to get my own bike soon...ish! \o/
And lookie, another Star Wars graphic. :D

Finally, Oscars picspam. click )
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What I forgot to mention yesterday: I got so many glasshearts from you that I kept grinning at my userinfo. Thanks so much for thinking of me! :D
Those were the days: I don't often drive with my mother's car, so it took me a while to realize that her radio actually plays cassette tapes. No CD or mp3, just those. I dug out some of my old mixtapes, complete with random radio chatter still on them - I was always too lazy to cut that out when I didn't hit pause fast enough. Good old times!
Today I spent about two hours playing with the four year old of my boss (she's sick and he had to get to a customer). She brought plasticine and we 'baked' cookies and stuff like that and "ate" it afterwards. The things I get paid for...

Anyway, still at work, so here's just more of those roleplay graphics. Now you know where my iconmuse went and that's still not everything I made. *g*

click )
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[ profile] takayajd, [ profile] stinaschnegge, [ profile] _cereza, [ profile] wive and [ profile] mialicia! *hugs*
And with the honest intent to actually get to those requested icons - anything you wish for, birthday kids? ;D

Nothing much happening over here. Saw Haywire the other day - got Berlinale tickets from my sister for it. Quite liked the movie and I have a little crush on Gina Carano. *g*
Kinda fallen out of the iconmaking business, but I'll try to get back into it. Until then I have a ton of roleplay graphics... here's a few, for the 'King Arthur' RPG. There might be something in there I've posted already. *strokes fake beard*
several bigger graphics under here - might take a bit to load )

And a few shoots. :D
click )
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Awesome as I am I managed to actually screw up my computer for good this time. Let's see when it's working again. Meanwhile I'm on the Netbook, so not completely cut off at least. Working on PS is a tad funny though. Tiny screen, little RAM, it's like the olden days.
However, there are two more February walls as requested - Francois Arnaud (+ blank version) and 30 Seconds to Mars.
Back not better. Will most likely see a doctor on Monday, as I'll be busy with that birthday party thingy. Timing, I has it. I'm so very keen on my relatives, contemplated to wear one of my Larp dresses and let them think I've lost it. *g*
Anyway, have some shoots. :)
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